Sudden failure to network with pi photonvision


Beforev today we had set up photonvision with the raspberry pi but for some reason today I tried connecting my laptop to the rio’s radio (which the pi was connected via ethernet) and the radio’s wifi wouldn’t show up. I plugged the pi directly into my computer with an ethernet cable and now I have very spotty connection. When it does work for some reason only the localhost connection actually works. Sometimes I can get a ping or even ssh using the photonvision.local and once or twice got the webpage up again but the ip itself won’t work.
So far I’ve:

  • restarted computer/pi
  • changed ethernet cables
  • changed power source
  • checked the pi when ssh works and it does have the static ip I set it to
  • checked my laptop’s ethernet drivers and the troubleshooter gave me the error “ethernet doesn’t have a valid ip configuration” which I am unsure how to resolve
    All I can possibly think that could have changed was the windows update I did last night. Does anyone have any leads? This is all utterly bizzare.

Let’s separate your problems here:

  1. The radio’s wifi being broadcasted should be completely unaffected by the presence of the pi. I would guess that you didn’t wait long enough for the radio to boot up. This is the way you should be doing things so lets get to the bottom of this problem.

  2. When doing a direct connection between devices you need to do some network configuration. I presume your computer is using DHCP so without the radio to give it an address it may or may not have a valid address. You could set your computer to a static address and probably get it to work but that will take a lot more knowledge than getting #1 to work and that is the more convenient setup anyway. In general I would recommend against plug devices directly into each other without a router unless you know what you are doing from a networking standpoint.

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