Suffield Scrimmage videos

Here is a link to some videos from the Suffield Shakedown scrimmage.

In this video you will see Team 40 Checkmate scoring the ubertube in autonomous.

Checkmate misses in autonomous. :ahh: No worry, as is their custom, they will be devastating the competition in the regionals and offseasons. :slight_smile:

In this video you will see a completed logo that elicits cheers from the crowd.

Unfortunately, the view of team 175, Buzz, minibot climb is obscured. They have the minibot task accomplished and will probably do well this year because of it.

You may notice the error codes flashing on the team number screens.:eek:
This IS a shakedown for both the FTAs and teams.

As a veteran of many years of FRC, I think this game will develop quite nicely. The tower base colors are cool, there will be a lot of arms raising game pieces on high, the minibot race will add great suspense and make a difference in eliminations. Unfortunately, again, it will be difficult to explain the scoring to visitors, but they will love the drama that the crowd communicates.

Thanks again to team 176, Aces High, for hosting this event. They did a wonderful job as they do year after year.

Also, thanks to team 230, Gaelhawks, for their webcast.

As an aside:
Favorite new team name this year: The Aluminati, A rookie team, 3555, from Storrs Connecticut. JCPenny has really done a lot for FIRST these past two years.

Thanks for the video, could not see that minibot climb in the live stream.

You’re welcome.
My video missed most of it, but I have to say that they have a good one.
The use of an electrical switch to cut the power and allow it to drift down after it triggers the plate should be required.

I commend Team 176, Aces High for another well executed Suffield Scrimmage. Your work and contribution to FIRST is very much appreciated.

Thank you Team 176 and 177 for being such great alliance partners.
Looking forward to a productive Logomotion season.

:cool: - Buzzin.

Looks like, for now, an inherently high-scoring game will have low scores. I don’t doubt the minibot is what teams will be including with witholding allowance, but people overestimate the simplicity of getting the deployment right.

Also, an incredibly successful team managed to only put up 3 tubes in the whole match.

Will be interesting to unfold Week One. This is the first year I haven’t been to a Week 1 Regional.

My videos are converting to MPG now. Cannot see how I can make them available yet. They are over 3Gb total sizes.

From memory -
Prometheus managed to complete a logo single-handedly despite some interference by an alliance partner.

two successful minibot deployments - one canceled a pretty high score of tubes

Did not stay for elimination rounds. I had to get team members back to  base.

What were some of the average scores seen at Suffield? I have no doubt in my mind after seeing two or three videos of this, that minibots are definitely going to be a game decider.

From what I remember watching the stream, they were relatively low(usually around 3 or 4 per alliance). The highest score I remember was 29, which was one tube on middle row and a minibot, minus a three point penalty. The other team got 18 points, with a top row logo. IMO this shows how important a minibot will be in some matches.

I recall seeing in a match one alliance getting close to completing two top row logos. With some getting autonomous working there will be more points. Minibots definitely reign supreme over tele-op. When it becomes the circumstance where by now a bunch of teams can deploy minibots, and perhaps speedily probably in eliminations, then the tube hanging becomes the game-changer to the game-changer.

I believe there was one round where the score was 41 to 6. The winning alliance had a completed logo over an ubertube on the top row plus a second completed logo. It was an impressive showing.

So are all of the match videos going to be able to be posted somewhere soon for our viewing pleasure? ::safety::

It’s not of Suffield Shakedown, but I’ve been working on uploading some videos I took at the Week Zero Scrimmage in Nashua, NH last weekend. I’m going to upload all of the elimination matches. They’re zoomed out so you can view the entire field - some will be happy, others disappointed, I’m sure!

The first of the finals matches:

The others are being uploaded currently! Hope they help those who haven’t seen Logomotion played yet to see what it’s like (be it at a pre-ship level!). Best of luck to all teams as the competition weeks approach! :slight_smile:

Ouch that poor minibot in match number 3!

Good job guys, way to make me proud! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much for these videos! Yet there’s still not enough to tie me over until next week’s New Jersey Regional! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it just me, or does the nearest tower register a first-place minibot as soon as the hostbot hits the base of the tower in this match? I’m sure the minibot is fast, but not that fast…

If anyone has match results, we can put them on The Blue Alliance :slight_smile:

I can check with the mentors on 176, but as far as I know, scores weren’t recorded, and the information wasn’t kept. :frowning:

Red: 125 999 40 (and 88 swapping for 125 in Finals 3)
Blue: 175 176 177

Finals 1: 21R to 18B
Finals 2: 6R to 41B
Finals 3: 24R to 22B

Re: robot contact tower
I do believe that when the robot made contact with the base of the tower when the lights were pulsing, it did activate as a minibot contact at the top. I hope FIRST saw that.

Yep, the lights at the top of the tower did register a first-place finish for that tower, even though a minibot never even began to climb! The scores after the match didn’t reflect any race bonus, so no damage was done in that case…

I do hope that such an error wouldn’t happen again… if there were multiple scoring minibots, the false trigger at the beginning could have thrown off the ranking of the minibots!