Suffield Shakedown 2014

Suffield Shakedown 2014 has been verified for Feb. 15, 2014 at Suffield High School. There was question last year if it would continue. I am happy to say it is on again & I will happily take on the responsibility of field set-up, take-down & maintenance during the event. This is my 11th year doing the Scrimmage & hope it continues. I look forward to all the teams that will be participating & hope everyone has a great time. See ya on the the 15th!

SO glad to hear

Team 1099, acquired alot of new machines this year (Laser cutter, 3d printer, Plasma Cutter, Welt Belt Sander, CAD lab computers) BUT most importantly we changed the structure and organization of the team. This year we have a schedule we are strictly following for build season. One of our goals is to make it to Suffield Shakedown, which we haven’t in a few years now.

Cant wait!

Great to hear that the Shakedown will continue.
When will we be able to sign up?

Best news all day!

YES!! Me and a few of my teammates were so worried that this event wouldn’t happen this year, while we traditionally don’t attend this event it’s always a pure blast to see the very first iterations of strategies for the new game

Same here.

The Suffield webcast is always an event at the 694 homebase.

So far no other details have been worked out. We were told by CT FIRST that they would make sure we have a field, but that so far is all we know at this point. As soon as we gather more details, we will announce it.


I always love going up to Suffield and seeing the game initially play out. I’m glad to hear that it will be making a return!

This is truly great news, we always attend suffield scrimmage and its a great way to start the season, If you need any help with field setup or take down I am available

This is excellent news. I’m glad to hear that CTFIRST/NEFIRST is continuing to support the scrimmage. It has been a staple of the FRC culture here in the north east for as long as I can remember. As always, let us know if you need volunteers. Pending robot status, I’ll be there to help set up at the very least.

This is awesome news! We were so sad to hear last year that it would not continue. It is great that CTFIRST is supporting this amazing event in our area.

Is registration open yet for this event? If so, who should we contact to register?

No, registration is not open at this time.

I just learned tonight at our team meeting that we will not have an official FIRST field for the Suffield Shakedown Scrimmage. I will be going to Southington & meeting with team 195. Fred Van Scoy is heading up an effort to build a practice field, which will be available for our Scrimmage. As far as electronics to run the robots, that is up in the air as well. FIRST will not be providing any electronics, due to the fact that the NE district will not have either the field, nor the electronics in time for the scrimmage. I will learn more on Friday night & post an update.
If anyone out there knows how other scrimmages/practices are done to run robots, please let me know!!

Hi Marc,

While Where’s Wolcott now uses official FIRST electronics, back in 2009 and 2010 we actually didn’t. Back then we used the FMS Lite set-up that can still be used for scrimmages and practices.

Basically all you need is a wireless router, a computer, two bridges, and a bunch of ethernet cables to connect it all together. This allows you the basic starting, stoping, and timing functions for the field. This however doesn’t cover scoring, and this is something you would need to do manually.

Scroll down to the FMS Lite section on this page, and all the documentation and software is located there.

While it isn’t perfect, hopefully it’s a good place for you to start.

All the best!

Thank you! It’s a start for me at least. I guess I’m spoiled by having everything handed to me. I knew I could count on others to point me in the right direction.

No problem! If you have any questions or need any help, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Several teams could pitch in to provide parts of the playing field. I know most teams will be building just one 10-point goal (that is, half the end-field) and a single 1-point box. So 4 teams could altogether bring in the “Team-version” of most of the field.

In doing so, the 10-point goal would need to be built so it can be separated. We had to do this anyway because it needs to be stored between uses (we play in the school hallway).

If nothing surprising happens with the rules (as has been speculated), the truss can be represented with a couple of strings pulled tight across the field. I’d be willing to deal with that if it meant the Shakedown would go on!

It has been nice in the past to get early use of the actual field, but hey… sometimes you have to get scrappy!

Still working on the field perimeter. I’ve gotten a little disappointed in the last couple of days on whether there will be a scrimmage. I won’t go into detail as I am not one to intentionally offend people if I can help it. I really hope we can pull it off. Pass the word that we need help in getting this together. The trouble with not using an official field is that the wooden structure needs to be anchored to something. My thoughts are that Velcro is attached to the bottom of the wood to adhere to the carpet. 195 has a field, but their field is anchored to cement floors. It might come down to assigning certain sections of field to teams & having a mass put-together the usual Friday night prior to scrimmage. Even though I’m a little discouraged right now, I don’t want to throw in the towel yet. I have too much fun & really want to help these teams achieve their dreams.

Scrimmage Update; We will be using official field sides & wooden drivers stations. We will be provided with a truss from RX2 Productions & we will be using FMS lite. At this point there will not be any electronic scoring, just human counting.
I am looking forward to this years Scrimmage, as it will be be a true Suffield-run show. I am not in charge of signing up teams & that has not been put into motion yet. Stay tuned for that update here & other means of communication. We will be looking for volunteers from each team to help out with scoring & field reset. That will be sorted out during registration.