Suffield Shakedown Scrimmage 2017

Suffield Shakedown Scrimmage is once again hosting the week zero event at Suffield High School! The webpage & facebook page have all the information. As of 10am this morning there were already 19 signed up. As usual we allow more than the cut-off of 30 to sign up, due to some teams that back out. Looking forward to seeing all the teams. Just like last year we are requesting teams to bring parts of their practice field. Contact Linda Horn for more details. We are also looking for a DJ with complete equipment. We are looking for little or no cost, in return their name will be on the website & the scrimmage t-shirts. If anyone out there knows someone who wants to increase their exposure, please contact Linda Horn for those details.

The date is wrong on the website. February 20th is a Monday.

We are looking for field reset people & setup on Friday night. Rumor is that we are getting all components except for the boilers. We are building one boiler & are in need of another one we will not have electronics

So psyched that there will be airships!

The Boilers? Well, hopefully we will have enough volunteers to count the fuel.

It should be enough to have an awesome week zero event.

Snowfall has been interfering with our ability to complete our machine.
We hope to have something that moves next Saturday.

There will be a NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) meeting for all adult and college-age mentors from 10 a.m. to noon at the Suffield Shakedown Scrimmage. Room TBD (see the team check-in table). Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Will this be streamed? If so, where will it be streamed? Also, I noticed the date on your website says 2/20 but it’s on a Saturday. Is it 2/18 or 2/25?


It can’t happen on 2/25. The robots have to be packed up by then.

It is Saturday, February 18, 2017.

Any particular topics of discussion?

Same here, we have lost several meetings, which has been difficult as we only meet 3 days a week already! Slowly but surely we’ll have something for Saturday :slight_smile:

Looking forward to Saturday!


Anything non-technical! :wink: I usually start the meetings asking the mentors what their hot topics are this season and the conversation goes from there. Typical topics are fundraising ideas, [lack of] team organization, teambuilding ideas, travel, public relations/marketing, etc. I am available as a resource to CT/MA/RI teams who want to schedule teambuilding sessions or to talk about any non-technical topic. Just let me know your needs.

NEMO meetings are come-and-go as you schedule allows; we don’t want anyone to miss their team matches. Please encourage your NEMs to attend - it’s a great way to network with other mentors who we might not get a chance to meet otherwise. Even if you’re not competing at the Scrimmage, you should be sending a crew to watch how the game is played out and also a non-engineering mentor to attend the NEMO meeting!

Team List:

173 RAGE
177 Bobcat Robotics
178 2nd Law Enforcers
181 Birds of Prey
230 Gaelhawks
263 Sachem Aftershock
558 Elm City Robotics
571 Paragon
716 Who Ctecks
1071 Team MAX
1099 DiscoTechs
1124 UberBots
1350 Rambots
1699 Robocats
1740 Ledyard Cyber Colonels
2067 Apple Pi
2168 Aluminum Falcons
2170 Titanium Tomahawks
2836 Team Beta
3146 Granby Grunts
3182 Athena’s Warriors
3461 Operation PEACCE
3464 Sim City
3525 Nuts and Bolts of Fury
3566 Gone Fishin’
3634 Spark City Robotics
3654 Tech Tigers
4055 NRG
4557 Full Metal Falcons
4987 MegaRams
5142 Robo Dominators
5686 Wirecats
6675 Ingenious Innovators (ROOKIE)

33 Teams! OMG! Ω

Streaming may be available at:
Not sure about this, saw it somewhere.

The Shakedown will not have the Airships tomorrow. :frowning:

NEFIRST received them, but they were missing some critical components.

So, we will be playing the game with a semblance of the field obstructions in the middle of the field.

How we will account for gears to the airship I am not sure, but we will try to account for them as best we can.

Use this opportunity to focus on fuel manipulation and driver training on a reasonable facsimile of what you will experience at your competitions this year.

There is a reason that it is called a “shakedown”.
For both the FRC field and your nascent Robots.

Soldier on.


Will the “reasonable facsimile” of the airship support gear scoring, pilots, and/or climbing?

Nonetheless, we are looking forward to tomorrow’s scrimmage. Thank you for your hard efforts organizing this invaluable event every year!

Unfortunately: No, No, and…No.

There are liability issues with Human Players on the field.
We will improvise and get some field practice with other Robots.

What components are missing? Is it anything that can be manufactured?

Very disappointed that they did not ship you all components needed. Did you guys already send this update out in an email to all teams?

Have you guys figured out how teams can practice gear scoring?

Thank you,

Sure would be great if “Pilots” could work at side of field with some sort of gear Peg? for some sort of gear cycles.

In any case we are pumped to come tomorrow! even though we smoked a drive system motor at the end of night tonight - good times.

Lots of reason to be angry with FIRST HQ over this. Don’t they realize that the airship is probably the reason 95% of teams are even going to week zero events? This is just amateurish on their part, and it’s not fair to NE FIRST or the people behind Suffield to screw you guys over like this, not to mention all of the teams in attendance.

If FIRST is going to make a game you essentially cannot practice at home with on a full field, they better at least not fail to ship promised components to week zero events…

We are hoping to have something at the side of the field with a peg.
At this point, it is a reach.

There are very specific precautions that are needed for any interaction between human player and robots. (Lawyers and Asimov)

We plan to soldier on and give drive teams time on the field with other Robots following the rhythm of the game challenge.

We may need some help collecting fuel after each match.

At this rate, if you’re going to a week 1 event you should probably be prepared to hand count balls.

Any live stream for Suffield?