Suffield Shakedown Scrimmage Pre-Season Event

Pre-Ship Scrimmage
February 14th
Hello FIRST team

Aces High Team 176 invites you to attend our annual FIRST Robotics scrimmage - Suffield Shakedown '09.

As in the past, we will be using the official FIRST playing field.

It will again be held at Suffield High School, in Suffield, CT, on Saturday, February 14th.
Cost will be $75 in advance or $100 at the door.

Please e-mail, Arlene Willett at [email protected], with your intent to attend.

We hope to see you there…more info will be coming via e-mail and on our website:

Even if your team isn’t competing, or you don’t belong to a team, stop by and check it out! Hope to see you there!

125 will be there in full force!! Looking forward to an awesome event

Will it be webcast again?

I will ask.

Bill, do you need volunteers for setup (on Friday evening) or field reset or queing or anything like that Saturday during the competition?
Let me know! I’ll be up in the area (in Springfield, MA Friday night) & also I’ll be there Saturday in Suffield for the competition as well.

When are you NOT near a FIRST event?:ahh:

Very rarely it seems. lol :yikes:
I’ll be crashing up at WNEC that night so I’m there bright & early at Suffield for some fun (and of course some scouting & general info gathering) on Saturday.

It’s good when you have friends who let you crash nearby to *FIRST *events though - it helps the overall attendance count rack up! :slight_smile:

I think they were looking for scorers. Unfortunately tomorrow is Wednesday during build season and which is our meeting night and guess what it is going to do. SSSSNNNNOOOOOWWWWW it is build season and it is a Wednesday so of course it is going to snow. When there is no school we can not have meetings. I will try to find out what they need for help. I am sure we are all set for setup because the FIRST people usually come down from Manchester to learn how to setup field.
I hate snow.:confused: :mad: :frowning:

Didn’t ask, but I got a preview of the event press release and it includes info about the web cast:

“A live webcast of this event will be provided by the Shelton Gaelhawks robotics team and can be accessed through <> .”

I think everyone will be interested to find out how the new Field Management System performed.

You know, this is (currently) my only free weekend in February… maybe I’ll see if MIT can live without me for a weekend and venture home to the Shakedown. I’d like to come see everyone!

Bob or Bill,
Is there any word on if any positions are available for volunteering or is there someone I can contact for more info???

Yes, Team 230 will be providing the webcast of the event again (as noted it can be accessed through our website

I would also like to thank Aces High for including our request for teams to help us restock the Shelton High School Food Bank by bringing donations to the scrimmage. As most of you already know there was a fire at Shelton High only a few days before the FRC season kick-off which kept our school closed for an additional week after the winter break. Unfortunately, in addition to the damage done to the building which has now been repaired, ALL of the food bank supplies (which were stored at the school) had to be thrown out due to fire, smoke, and water damage. :ahh:

We thought that it we could help by appealing to our friends within the FIRST community to help us replenish those supplies which are provided to those in need within our school community. :smiley: Thank you all for your support.

See you in Suffield…

HELLOOoooo from the North East :smiley:
Yep its me Old MOE :wink: and Team 88 TJ2 the TYE DYE team, oh yeah ??? OH YEAH !!! :ahh:
We will see all the great North East Teams on the 14th in Suffield CT. Good luck SEEeeeeee YAAAaaaa SOOOooon
MOE and Team 88 TJ2

The Suffield Shakedown is a great way to get a feel for the game. It is nice to see other scrimmages pop up over the years in other areas. When we first started we would always try and bring 2 robots, our real robot and the previos year’s robot with some ‘fittings’. Now the Shakedown has gotten too big for this (which is a good thing) but we always make sure we are there with our robot

I would encourage teams to send members to the scrimmage even if their robot is not competing. I have no data to support this but I think teams that go to the scrimmage have an advantage over teams that do not when the regionals start.

Have the event organizers decided on network settings for the FMS? We’d like to have our robot set up to work on the field Friday night before we leave.

According to this document all we should need is the SSID/password of the network.


At suffield we will be running the Regional version of FMS, not FMS Light. So you get the full treatment :wink:

With that said, just show up to the event with your system configured I/A with FIRST FRC’s Configuration Guide. At the event you will recieve further instruction on any additional configuration you have to do, it’s quick and painless.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the scrimmage on Saturday… and to meeting some new people!

Just out of curiosity is there a team list ?