Suffield Shakedown Scrimmage

Aces High team 176 is again hosting a pre-shipdate scrimmage. This years scrimmage, titled Suffield Shakedown, is going to be on Feb 16th, 2008. The competition will be held at the Suffield High School. Registration fees are $75 in advance and $100 at the door. Registration will be limited. If you are interested in attending please email Arlene Willett at [email protected].

You can check our website for updated information.

This year we hope to include a FTC and an FLL scrimmage aswell


I can’t wait!!!



This is going to be an awesome event - “shaking down” the new FRC game! And I’m excited about our FTC scrimmage as well! AND FLL there, too? Woot! A smorgasbord of FIRST! Invite your policiticans, invite your school administrators, aunts, uncles, grandparents and neighbors!

Kathy is right, get your politicans now! John Burns and I taped the module we are presenting live at Kick Off workshops (entitled “Deans Homework”, coming soon to a website near you) last week and one of the things we stress is contacting your State and Federal Congressmen and Senators, Mayors, school boards memebers, city councilors, any and every politician and GET THEM TO AN EVENT. Do you want supprot from these people? (support = money or just them not saying no to whatever you want to do) Show them where you shine, at an event.

Wow, in less then 24 hours we had 11 teams express an interest in attending.

Warning: There are only 30 team openings.

Matt, who can I contact to be able to volunteer on the field at this event? (I’d prefer field reset if possible.)
I’m signed up in TIMS for official events, but don’t think that applies here.
If someone can get back to me about this I’d appreciate it.

It’s almost filled up already.
That’s impressive.
Actually that’s N.E.R.D.S. for you.

Aces has put on this top-notch event as long as I can remember. It’s quite a schlep to get to, but it’s worth it! The lessons learned from seeing FRC robots play for the first time are invaluable.

What do you mean, “Quite a schlep”. It’s right around the corner! :smiley:

Suffield Shakedown not only will have the FRC scrimmage of “Overdrive” but also an FTC scrimmage of “Quad Quandary”, a demo by FLL, and a special area for younger folk hosted by DreamFIRST!

Spots for the FTC scrimmage are also limited so contact me if your FTC team would like to sign up. And we can use a few volunteers also!

Good News: The event is filled within two days.:cool:
Bad News : No play time for the rookie teams.:frowning:

If one of the nearby rookies wants to attend, we will make room for them!

If anyone has contact with rookies in Western Mass or Vermont let them know about the scrimmage.

Please share with your mentors (especially new ones): if anyone is interested in attending a NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) meeting at the Suffield Shakedown, please contact me ASAP so I can reserve a room.

Rats, didn’t even have time to bring it up with the team yet. :frowning: Oh well, there’s other events…

Helloooo from the NE :smiley:
Well here we go only a few days for build and then TJ2 will be in CT. We at TJ2 hope all is well with all the teams, we are working hard to get things done (but are we ever done)??? See you Soooooooon
oh yeah ??? OH YEAH !!! Team 88 TJ2 and MOE :yikes:

I would like to remind/inform anyone that can’t attend but wants to see what’s happening (Because seeing the game in action can be very helpful), the webcast will be made available soon from the home page of .

I cant wait for saturday!!


Everyone Ready for the Suffield Shakedown??? T-minus 22 hours and 48 minutes till pits open!!! Can’t Wait to see everyone there:cool:

Be sure to check out: NEMO meeting at 10am (room TBD) - let your mentors know…

FTC Scrimmage - 8:30am to 3pm or so… auditorium

I’m stunned that this hasn’t got more attention. Tommorow is the big scrimmage , an all star cast attending! The only scrimmage with an official FIRST field, full webcast, and the truest test of how this game is going to pan out until regionals! Don’t forget to check it out, hope to see you all there!