Suggested Topics--how can I make this go away?


One of the things I don’t like about the modern internet is that it’s always wanting to “suggest” stuff to me. I’m too old for that…I just want to see what I want to see.

Is there a way to add a setting to remove the “suggested topics” that show up at the end of a thread?


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There’s not an option to disable that …

Someone may be able to help set up something on to hide that section via css. (div#suggested-topics)

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If you’re using uBlock Origin, you can use the element picker (syringe icon) to hide any element on a site, works just fine for Suggested Topics. I use it to hide 80% of the facebook home page interface too.

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Is there a way to change how it determines the suggestions? My suggestions are always some combination of like 15 threads that I’ve started in the past, some as far back as 2010.


mark everything as read on the front page. That or new fixed it

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