Suggestion: Create Subforum for Competition Predictions

I’ve really enjoyed seeing and reading the event prediction threads this year, especially those for events and teams I know less well. The creators have clearly put in a lot of time and effort, and I actively seek them out when I browse Chief, because they’re always so fun to read. Shout-out and much thanks to the writers. To be clear, these include Looking Forward, NEforcast, CHS Platter, INSight, and so on. Currently, each of these threads is posted in the general forum.

Now, for the suggestion – it seems to me that these threads deserve their own sub-forum. Probably under the competitions tab, but scrolling through, they don’t seem to quite fit within the existing categories. This seems to be the purpose for sub forums – they’d allow me to just check that sub forum, and have everything organized, archived, and in one place, but still allow the forecasts to appear on the main page.


I like this idea.

NEforecast predicts this proposal will be quite helpful.

I think this is a great suggestion! Especially with the introduction of the weekly Chairman’s predictions that CadandCookies has been publishing this season. Having them all grouped together would be much easier to browse.

We think this is a grate idea.

I agree, it’s a grate idea! But all these cheesy puns … we should just let them brie.

This idea seems quite insightful.

But they’re so gouda!

These puns stink.

But they make this thread a little cheddar

This entire thread is a muenstrosity. Curd we please stop the cheese puns?

Actually on topic though, I think a subforum for predictions is a good idea.

+15 thread derailment points

but in all seriousness I do support a subforum for predictions accounts

Thanks for all the responses- let’s keep the support coming! Cheese puns aside, (though I’ve definitely been amused by them), I have a couple of questions I want to throw out there, to give this thread slightly more purpose than cheese and agreement (though I like both those things).

  1. What would we title the sub forum? “Predictions” seems to fit/be obvious, but things like FUN’s “Top 25” and might also fit within this forum nicely – what belongs? What doesn’t? How do we best ensure the category fits?

  2. Who’s responsible for the addition/creation of sub forums? Is this the moderators? Someone else?

I really like this idea

What about Car Nack’s Corner? If you think about it, that’s already an unsigned predictions area.


When I created this thread, I did consider that. A couple of things came to mind (and they may all be addressable).

Car-nacks Corner lives in the back of the other forums- if it gets used for the more general predictions thread, I’d suggest we move it to the competitions section.

The title is subtle. Those of us ingrained in ChiefDelphi culture probably know about Carnack. But he’s been less active recently (with the exception of the two 2016 threads), and having a more obviously titled Predictions thread might draw in those who skim more often, etc.

It’s interesting to me that the predictions groups/individuals have chosen to post in the general forum, rather than in Carnacks’ Corner. Many of them have added to this thread (thanks for your support!), and perhaps they can offer their reasons for doing so (I presume most, if not all of them, know of and respect Carnack). Perhaps there’s an unwritten rule that that subforum is Carnack specific? ’

In any case, I think that it’s worth exploring fleshing Carnack’s Corner out to a full predictions forum. But it might be valuable to consider changing the name and moving the tab (under competitions), at which point it might me just as simple to create a new subforum.

NEforecast predicts Car Nack’s Corner will stay Car Nack’s Corner, but that we will also create a seperate Predictions/Polls/Top25/FUN forum.

Car Nack is one of NEforecast’s greatest meuntors in the FRC analysis realm.

I agree - that seems to be a good solution. How do we make this happen?

I like the idea as well. I will shoot an email to Brandon Martus (CD’s main admin).