Suggestion: Create Subforum for Competition Predictions

I’d definitely support this.

What about a subforum for troll accounts?

Wrench, clamps, boltman, rivetman, etc…?

Don’t forget Andrew Schreiber…

What about removing troll accounts in accordance with Chief Delphi rules?

I wish that was a troll account but I am not sure it is.

Rivetman and WCBC were great, but then people had to ruin a good thing

Hi Everyone,

Seems like we’ve gotten a little off topic. Wouldn’t mind tightening the scope of the conversation back to OP’s original idea.

I agree that creating a subforum could be a really good idea! Personally I’m always scrambling around the pages trying to read all the different posts and definitely more than a couple of times have just missed good threads entirely!

It’d be really nice to have a centralized system (much like how you should have for all your fasteners) that would make locating these competition predictions/reviews/insights a lot easier. It’s definitely an area I would be pinned to!

Best Regards,

To clarify, there are already several subforums (District Events, Rules & Game Manual, etc.) This thread is just for adding one for the Looking Forward like predictions accounts so they don’t clog up the General Forum with all those predictions every week.

Also Boltman is not a troll account. He is a mentor for team 5137 from California. HOWEVER, Rivet Man, #REKT, CLAMP, etc, I have my doubts…

Hi EmileH,

Ah, thank you for the clarification! I still think this is a good idea. Bit like a dogpoint on a fastener, makes sure us users aren’t getting our threads crossed!

Is there anyway that someone could just make a post that has links to a bunch of the threads? It seems as though there’s still a lot to sift through…

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Just to add some more information, threads in those subforums (especially District Events) get very few comments because they don’t get shown on most users ‘portal’ by default. Creating a new subforum is a very quick way to kill conversation.

Compare the 11 page discussion of the 2011 New Jersey regional to this 2 page discussion of the 2013 MAR Championship.

I’d hate for something valuable, like the Looking Forward posts, to end up in those hidden subforums. Perhaps we should just move the individual prediction threads for district areas (NEForcast, FiMInformer, CHS Platter, etc) into the District Events subforum?

Thanks EmileH,

I’m certainly not a troll account. Perhaps I do get a bit excited. I too am learning the ways of FRC and CD. Mainly I post to help other teams to compete at their best level by giving insights and help from my newer perspective. Sure I have a bit of fun too but its all in good fun and sometimes simply as a way to get discussion flowing…which it certainly does. I’m glad instant replay seems to be an off season experiment using my week 1 post and real experience as an example from this season.

I think FRC is great but tends to get too stodgy and set in its ways sometimes, you all have to realize this is not a 15-20 year thing for many of us here as we came on way after FRC got going and see it from a very different perspective. I do not mean to make people upset at all and if you are getting upset then PM me if you have any issues with what I post here. I want every team to succeed and have a good year. That’s it in a nutshell, I’m not afraid to stick out a bit and ask some tough questions. I think discussion is good.

Thanks to those who voiced support in the past and good luck to all teams.
Now go work on your bots and win this.

I typo’d when I wrote Boltman w/ all these troll accounts. We played with you at CVR so I definitely know you’re real. Sorry!

LOL thanks Adam and good luck at worlds.

Hi AdamHeard,

Although I don’t have affiliation with a team that doesn’t make me a troll. I have a nephew who was interested in joining a FIRST Robotics team a couple of years ago and so I started investigating and really found things interesting! I decided to make an account so I could start interacting and learning more from the community. I personally found Boltman’s name to be catchy but unfortunately the name “Rivetman” was taken…

Hope I didn’t cause too much harm by starting to post, I just wanted to get a bit more involved with this community.

Hi Boltman,

Thank you for sharing your experiences, they’re certainly helping me understand what it’s like for a younger team that’s full of vinegar (and something else!). Keep up the work!

Best Regards,

We are not currently qualified for worlds, hopefully we do so next weekend!

Sorry for misrepresenting you, and I hope I didn’t deter you from getting involved. More FIRSTers = good! Thank you for speaking up. I still have my doubts about #rekt though :slight_smile: If you have more questions feel free to PM me!

I actually don’t think there’s an account called #rekt

There was. I deleted it.

Hey man, your dental insurance paid up? :wink: