Suggestion for Delphi Programming Posts

What never ceases to amaze me is the number of fools that somehow wind up on these boards and make a post about the Delphi programming language (thanks, Google). Is it possible to do one of the following?

a) When signing up for an account, after the person presses “Submit” the first time, take them to a new page that has the following in at least 30-point bold font:

"This forum is NOT about the Delphi programming language - it is about FIRST robotics. If you want help with Delphi, you will not find it here. If you wish to discuss robotics, press “Submit” below. If you are here for the Delphi programming language, press “Cancel”.


b) make someone go through the same page as above before creating a new thread in the “Programming” forum.


c) both of the above.

If something like this is already being done I apologize as I haven’t created an account since 1999. If something like this IS being done, I would then suggest either a) increasing the font size and bolding the text, or b) making the people go through another page, all of its own, purely dedicated to the message that this forum is not about Delphi.

What I am suggesting (in case it wasn’t clear), is an “Are you sure?” page, much like before you empty your recycle bin a new window opens asking “Are you sure you want to do that?” Since a lot of people block pop-ups, a pop-up window probably wouldn’t work, but if they are forced to a new page that says “Are you sure you know what your are doing?” and are then forced to click submit again, this might solve the issue (I hope).


Hrm, this may be a good idea … for the programming forum (and its sub-forums) at least. I can make an intermediate page that only shows the first time you make a thread there.

I’ll add it to my TODO List.