Suggestion for our Event

Hey all, my team is hosting the Muskegon District event this weekend. It’s our second year hosting and I was wondering what suggestions y’all may have to make our event even better than last year. If you attended last year (or if you didn’t,) I’d love to here your suggestions. Thank you!

EDIT: Anyone attending should know that despite no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on our side of the state, and only 2 in the state at all, we are taking the threat very seriously. There will be hand sanitizer stations positioned around the event and, following FIRST and FiM’s guidelines, saftey glasses will be available for free only to parents and other non-team members who do not have a pair, at which point they will keep them. Any student or mentor entering the pits must either have their own or pay a small fee yet to be determined (we are working to keep the cost down.) We take the safety of all attendees extremely seriously, and are working to preserve it on all levels.

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Hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes everywhere possible. Pretty much a must for any event this season!

Absolutely agreed. Anyone attending should know that we will have extra hand sanitizer stations around our event.

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