Suggestion to teams using Aluminum Extrusions-- use locktite.

When connecting these together with the connecting brackets, use low/medium locktite to keep the bolts from coming off. We had major problems last year with our frame getting lose because we figured it would stay. But the vibrations and pushing around eventually loosen these bolts.

When we got to florida, the quick fix was to just glue gun the heads of all the bolts. That was a crude solution, that although did work, had to be checked constantly.


Did u hold your entire bot together using “tslot” nuts??..on the corners of our robot we tapped the round holes that are in the end of the extursions to connect it…those seemed to keep it nice and tight…but we always re-tightened them whenever we had free time…


Nah, we tapped that bot like crazy. They just began to loosen at cross sections. We kept tightening and because our robot last year was so tight and small, it wasn’t as accessible to do that.

Just locktite that bad boy and never think about it again!


ps. just dont use the strongest locktite. you may want to disassemble the frame one day.