Suggestions on Battery Charger

Hello all!

So we made it to nationals, and from our experience at the boilermaker, we realized we are going to need more batteries and chargers. We ended up borrowing equipment from teams all throughout the weekend.

Does anyone have suggestions on battery chargers that are fast, reliable, and have worked well in the past?

AndyMark’s 3 bank charger:
Which is nice since it can do 3 at a time, but a bit more expensive.

Another cheaper option would just be just getting more single chargers, so the one that came in the KOP:

For the non andymark chargers replace the clips with Anderson connectors to better connect to the batteries.

Our team, usually carries around 6-7 batteries for each year. We use to have a very janky 6 battery charger system. Not our best. I suggest a custom build battery charger station that is easily portable and interconnected. Also i suggest getting a 6 battery charger that my team obtained this year. It looks pretty awesome with our paint job. I dunno the brand of the charger but ill find out.

I would be very interested in knowing the brand and model of the 6 battery charger you’re using. Is it working well for you so far?