Summarized Game Manual

Hey everyone,

The game manual is pretty long and my team (4505) didn’t want to scroll through the entire thing for game rules, so I made a condensed version last night for my team, but I thought I’d share it here too. I cut it from 133 pages to 16, so obviously it doesn’t include everything (you should still refer to the actual game manual), but it includes key points about the game, the field elements, and the robot, which should help if you just want an overview of the game.

Here’s the link:


For some of the rules in there, can you put the reference numbers in? It’ll help people that are too lazy to read the specs want to look up specific wording for particular items.

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That’s a good idea, I’ll start on that. Should be done within the next couple days.

Are you going to keep it in sync with Team Updates throughout the season? This is the primary reason FIRST requests that we do not host the manual, and rather link to the official version on the firstinspires website. You wouldn’t want someone to read your version of the rules, and only too late find out that the rule they were relying on had been changed.

I can try to do that, yes. Like I said, this isn’t really meant to replace the game manual, but if people need a quick resource for the game, they can use this.

Maybe even include a header that says the last time it has been updated so teams can check the official manual

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Just updated to reflect Team Update 1 (I replaced the Control Panel picture (Figure 3-23) with the new one). Also added date it was last updated and that it reflects the current team update.

Updated a couple days ago to reflect Team Update 2