Summer AM?

That bearing and motor mount bracket has me thinking though…

And if that ESC is what I think it is they’re just taunting us.


It just says “35A ESC” on the product page, so… Maybe?

Also, we’re already covered on dryers:


I think they’re making us wait till summer to compete so we can have a watergame! It makes sense. They couldn’t find enough venues with pools, so they’re having us play in lakes and ponds. It’s a conspiracy I tell you.


Old joke is old. (Hella old, even.)

Personally, I love how everyone here is ignoring that cinnamon sugar churro.

As one of the early experimenters in churro variations (I noticed the blue anodizing on the Outdoor Rhino concept’s churros while working for them at the 2016 Championship and started prodding the right people once I got to Indiana to make that into a product), I know AndyMark’s staff and suppliers can execute a delicious creation. I already have my email in there for an in-stock notification, and you should too.

Side note, now I’m itching for some 3 Amigos. Fight Night better not be covided this year.


The quantity of am-wg05 should last most teams a lifetime…

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I’m disappointed that they still haven’t added the Slim CIM to their catalogue, but those waterproof speed controller bags could be handy for the water game.


The dipping sauce on that one looks… delicious?

It’s AndyMark Strawberry Jelly, one of the least sticky (to itself) jellies on the market!

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