Summer CAD jobs

Hey all-
I know there’s a lot of brains and influence here, so I figured I’d stick this little question out. I’m looking for a summer job, preferably in the field of either CAD or mechanical engineering work. I have heavy experience in both Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks, as well as tons of experience with just about every mechanical system that could possibly be put onto a FIRST bot.

I’m located in California, around the Bay area. The close to Los Altos, the better.

You could email me at ironspork AT gmail Dot com

Thanks a ton!

Northrop Grumman has a whole line of internships available each summer. It’s how I got my start here. I’m not sure about up north, but here in socal it’s too late; the deadline was weeks ago. It’s worth a shot though, give a call to any local facilities (check… they’re in more places than you think).

EDIT: They’re paid internships as well.

Don’t forget to check out the classified section of the newspapers in your area. Look under engineer, drafter, and various other titles. Half of the engineering ads that I recall seeing were under “manufacturing”.

Ads may say “BS in ME required”, but you should always contact them about the position as an internship instead. Chances are that they’ve had that ad in the paper for a while. (On the other hand, most schools are just getting out, so now you’ll be competing with recent graduates.)

Finally, don’t think that you can only get an internship at a large company. Smaller companies may welcome the chance to have someone new because they’ll realize that if you’re good during your internship, they may want to offer you a permanent position at the end of summer or after you graduate.

Hope that helps,