Summer camp program eval.

Greeting fellow IWAYOR “I work all year on robotics” members :ahh:

I am teaching and partially organizing two summer robot camps this year. One of which involves a city-wide program at the community college. That grant funded camp is going to need some pre and post data analysis via some sort of survey. Being that it is summer and I am teaching the first camp right now, I am looking to borrow ideas from someone who has a pre/post survey form that they are willing to share :stuck_out_tongue:

Anybody have such a document and willing to share? Or do you know an organization that does and is willing to share?


APS :smiley:

I’ll ask my mentor if we have any lying around.

Something you may consider doing before using someone else’s sheet, is deciding precisely (or at least somewhat) what you personally would like covered. That way you have a criteria for looking over pre/post sheets, and you’ll end up with a product you like, not just the prettiest thing somebody gave you.

Good luck!

If possible, I’d recommend writing as much of it yourself as you can. That way you’d get exactly what you want, and perhaps you can tailor it to the workshop itself. Perhaps you can ask to rate each of the activities they did and describe a bit, or something to that extent.

Though I couldn’t find a good guide, here’s a few tips:

Try to make sure you’re covering all the material concisely. Are you running multiple short workshops during the camp? You can say “what was your favorite workshop?” or “rate the workshops”, and why were #1 and #(last) the way the were?

That’s the actual camp. You may also want to ask questions about how helpful things were before the campers’ arrival, if they had adequate info, how the food was, stuff like that.