Summer Concert

I went to the Projekt Revolution tour, two nights ago on the 22nd (july '03). Their was Cold, J5, Mudvayne with headliners of Linkin Park. It was the best concert. I love LINKIN PARK’s music. Can Linkin Park put on a show or what?? I had a Blast. I was in the pits, jumping, screaming, pushing, yelling, threw my shirt around in the air, and everything you can do at a Linkin Park concert. It was one of the funest nights of my life so far. They are the best - they dont worry about things like what they are going to wear, or dance. Their real!!! The next concert I’m going to is a JOHN MAYER concert, next month. So I was wondering what Summer concert are you all waiting for to go too?? And what band/group/artist??


There’s already a thread for this … and this should be in Chit-Chat.