Summer Employment?

So, who’s working this summer? If you are, tell where you’re working, what the company does (if it’s not obvious) and what you do. If your company has a website, post that, too.

I’ll start off…

I’m working this summer at ABB, in Auburn Hills, MI. ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) is an international company that builds power and automation systems. Here in Auburn Hills, we work mainly with industrial robots for manufacturing plants. My job this summer is as an intern in the Robot Products Group, doing mainly programming work. So, that’s my job… what’s yours?

I’m not techinically just working for the summer (I’ve been here since January and leave in August) but it’s close enough to count. I’m working for Boeing Space & Intelligence Systems in Seal Beach, CA. We work on satellite systems for a variety of commerical and government customers.


I work at Rolls-Royce Corporationin Indianapolis in the helicopters division. This is my second contract period here as I have been in this position since August 2003. I serve here as a consultant to help with the creation of a engine maintenance tracking system. Rolls-Royce manufactures gas turbine engines for civial, US military, foreign military, energy solutions. This includes engines for the Global Hawkand the lift fan for the up-and-coming JSF.

I actually work for a 50-50 partnership company called LHTEC that has the T800 engines. It’s a joint company with Rolls-Royce Corporation in Indianapolis, IN and Honeywell International in Phoenix, AZ. Some of the airframes our engines are in is the SuperLynx and the cancelled Comanche program.

My next project is to help with the marketing of LHTEC to redisign their website at

Rolls-Royce is a HUGE supporter of FIRST as they provide financial and technical support for at least 5 FIRST teams and also scholarships, internships, co-ops for FIRST alumni.


I have a grunt job in the largest P&G factory. The place is huge.

I work at Piggly Wiggly. It’s a grocery store. (The original go-in-and-grab-your-items-off-the-shelf grocery store.) I’m a cashier.

The Pig (actually just my store, Pig #60) is a supporter of 1293. $30 and counting.

This is funny because I actually thought of creating this exact type of thread yesterday.

This summer I’m working at the William Menges Law Office here in town. Mr. Menges happens to be the father of Molly Menges (my brother’s girlfriend). They offered me a summer job because the other “front desk person” left. I get to work 9am-5pm w/ a 1 hr lunch and I love it. All I do is paperwork and answer the phones and talk to criminals. :slight_smile:

Mr. Menges is a lawyer and right now he is the Chief Public Defender for the county. This year he’s also running for Judge of one of the Superior Courts here so that’s pretty cool.

One thing this job has taught me is that I do not want to be a lawyer. :slight_smile:

I’m working at Hill-Rom this summer, at their world headquarters in Southern Indiana. They do integrated medical devices. They are the largest producer of hospital beds in the country, so chances are if you have been in a hospital bed, it’s been one of ours. Right now I’m working on circuit failure analysis and I have recieved some circuit re-design/design projects for systems on the beds. It’s been fun and exciting so far, get to put all my EE classes to use here too…not just robotics.

I’m working with my county school system (MCPS), on their web team. It’s a long dirve, but worth it. I get $10 an hour, which is a lot for a kid my age.

I work at Babson Executive Education. I’ve been here since last summer, and I work as an Operations & Marketing Assistant through the school year (since the summer began, I have expanded my role into an internship situation).

<shameless plug>
Babson Executive Education offers programs for professionals that want to get ahead of the curve. We work with companies to create custom programs for their employees, as well as offer a wide variety of open enrollment programs: Entrepreneurial Strategies for Innovation and Growth, Leadership and Influence, Strategic Management in Retailing, BioPharma: Mastering the Business of Science, and Investor Relations. Not only are the programs taught by amazing faculty, but the place itself is great: top-quality hotel accomodations and excellent food.

The department has consistently been rated well, this year in the top ten executive education programs in the world by both BusinessWeek and Financial Times. </shameless plug> And I love working there. Plus, since I work full-time, I get to live in the campus dorms for free - which means I don’t have to move out of my room until I graduate next May.

So, thats what I’m doing :slight_smile:

well, i don’t know if this counts as a “summer job” or even as a real “job”, but i write freelance for the TeenScene section of the Home News Tribune, a central jersey newspaper. i typically get $15 for an article.

i’m also running a summer lego camp to promote interest in Lego League, but it’s not really a job, since i make no money for myself

My summer job: A full time student! YES! :smiley:

I’m working at Duke University, specificly TUNL(Triangle University Neuclear Labratory) and LENA(another neuclear physics lab) and the Physics department, (i do alot). I’m helping design experiments and taking data from the experimental runs. I also am designing and building a detector mount for the muon experiments that will manipulate the detectors to take different information from the same experiment over different run times.

I have a full time job (45 hours a week) at the Museum of Science and History teaching the 4th and 5th grade camps for 4 weeks, the 2nd and 3rd for one week, and another week worth of days coming in for the other teachers so they can have days off.

This is in addition to my other job at a grocery store for like 30? hours a week most of the time.

Needless to say, I haven’t had much play time lately :smiley:

I’m interning for Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (D-CA) this summer on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Congresswoman Eshoo represents the 14th district, which is the Palo Alto area in Northern California and home to Cory from team 100. She sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Energy & Commerce Comittees. These are two very prestigious committees, especially with Iraq and Enron issues.

My responsibilities range greatly. I do the basic office work such as answer phones, sort A LOT of mail (she gets the most mail, excluding leadership offices), fax things, run errands, ordering flags, etc. Our office also gives tours to constituents who come to DC, so I lead those. I’ve also been starting to do more substanitive work like preparing news clips, going to committee meetings and hearings, researching and writing letters back to constituents on a vast array of issues.

Some big perks of the job include learning about so much legislation, especially since they’re at the end of a session during an election year so they’re trying to get through a lot. A big part of the commerce committee is doing telecommunication stuff, so be prepared to see a bill proposing an end to spyware soon. Also, they have free speakers for us all the time. Last week I saw many members of Congress and Michael Moore, this week I’m seeing George Stephanopoulos, and next week is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Needless to say it’s a really cool job, even if I’m not getting paid.

I wish I could say I’m interning at Motorola like a few of my teamattes are (specialagentjim is one) but I work at Larry’s Ice Cream. It used to be a big franchise but know there’s only 3 left and are all privately owned (the others are in Miami and St. Petersberg). I work about 20-30 hours per week. Fun Job plus get to eat free ice cream (when the owners aren’t around :slight_smile: )

I work 25-40 hours a week in the kitchen/dining room of a local nursing home. Not the best, but jobs were very scarce around here. I also get to go into work at 5 in the morning :ahh: .

I’m doing temporary work for Orbis Corporation - everything from filling out equipment lists, getting ready for audits, making sure the testing equipment is calibrated, etc and filling in for the receptionist when she’s sick!

I’m also doing temp. work for SEEK Inc, a Milwaukee area staffing service. Both jobs give me 0-40 hours per week, depending on how many jobs are available.

Of course, I’m still looking for a fulltime (40-50 hpw) job in the Milwaukee area, so if you know of anyone who’s hiring, let me know! :wink:

I’m working at the Naval Base in South Philly. It is a part time internship (3 days a week) with Navsea which is the government engineering firm for the navy. I was able to get this job through a mentor on my team (or former team if you will) who is the manager of the department which develops antenae systems for the submarines. Its kind of an introduction to electrical engineering and I get to play with fancy and expensive equipment, but I also have to do run of the mill stuff picking up odds and ends around the lab. Im happy, its good money and a great resume builder.

I also work as a hostess at Houlihans on the weekends. I love working because it actually causes me to make more fun plans with friends. Usually during summer I am so bored I am too lazy to go and have fun. This summer has been awesome!

I have a job as Student Web Designer for the Office of Orientation and Transition Services at Syracuse University.

You can see the handiwork I’m carrying on here:

It’s not a bad job per se, but I definitely have plenty of CD-browsing time while I’m working there 8.5 hrs a day…

I work at Canobie Lake Park (amusement park in southern NH) at a food stand making funnel cakes and ice cream.