Summer Enrichment outreach series - interest in speakers from interesting fields?

We’re planning a summer outreach, bringing speakers from various fields into an online meeting format during the afternoon, one day each week. Each speaker will talk about their career, their industry, interesting projects, and interact and take Q&A. Format will be Google Meet, or we’ll do a YouTube livestream with Q&A via chat if there’s enough interest. Targeted at FIRST students in particular, and high school(ish) kids generally, and open.

Trying to guage interest, and offer up a link for anyone who is interested to look at and pass around. Please let me know if you have comments or suggestions! Thanks!


I’m interested in being a speaker! Or I’ll Voluntell someone at work but I think it’d be a great opportunity. ResGreen Group (who I work for) started several years ago as a Mobile Robotics startup. We’ve grown to fleet management, Rapid Prototyping for Clients, IIOT accessories and third party software and hardware integration.

It’s a small team, but several of us are FRC alum, mentors, etc. If it’s better to get a mixture of disciplines we could probably have someone from CAD, Code and our Sales/Marketing team be the interviewees as opposed to just one person. It’d be good exposure for us

Edit: looking at your list you do already have a robotics topic on the schedule so if you’d rather have a different topic we could discuss that too! Let me know!

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As a student, I couldn’t volunteer (although I would if I could!), but I’ve shared this post with our team, so hopefully some of our mentors, parents, or alumni will reach out to you! This looks like an awesome way to get your kids exposed to real-world STEM and show them why the stuff they are learning now matters.

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I’ll reach out when I’m back at a PC…

To be clear, this is also an open invitation. I only need a couple more speakers, but I’d love to see any students that are interested show up!

We had a very small FTC team this year, because most graduated over the last couple. We started out with two returning sophomores, and added three 7th graders. If this ends up only being our kids, that would be fine and accomplish the basic goal, but it would be a lot more interesting with more kids asking more and better questions.

So yeah, pass it around to any teams or students you can. The more the merrier!

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Sorry for the delay - busy weekend. Yeah, that looks great! If we can find a unique take on robotics, that would be great, but the other robotics guy works for a company that does more vision analysis and anomaly detection. My company uses their algorithm for our vibration monitoring on engines and pumps and whatnot, so it’s probably going to be a fairly different conversation.

i have a couple of weeks that are open - go to this calendy page (, and pick one of the remaining ones that works for you, and let’s put you on the schedule! Also, if you can spread it around, that would be fantastic. I’d love to get more kids than just our few. Thanks!

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