Team 225 is hosting…………………

South Central PA Robotics Competition:

SUMMER FRENZY - Raising the Bar

WHERE: York County Fair Grounds
York, Pennsylvania
(30 min drive south of Harrisburg, 60 min drive north of Baltimore)

WHEN: Saturday August 14
Tentatively: 7:30 pits open
8:00 practice
9:30 Qualifying
3:00 Eliminations
5:00 Awards

WHO: Max 24 teams

COST: $150 entry fee must be received by June 15
We hope to return ALL the $ as travel money :ahh:

CONTACT: Ron Karpinski [email protected]

The competition will be part of a 3 day Cabin Fever Expo Show.

Lisa Tarman :smiley:

Team 116 is interested in coming, although Im not positive we will. If rhe competition at MSF is indeed canceled(the decision isnt official yet), we probably will. Hope we can come.

Mike Wade is the one bringing & running the field at our Summer Frenzy. He was anxious to do something since there would be no MD State Fair competition. I thought it WAS official…but I don’t know

Lisa T :slight_smile:

Team 859 might be interested in attending the event. What teams are confirmed so far?

Ohhh…so it depends on the company??..LOL

So far NOONE has completely committed…but there’s been signs of interest from 7, 116, 341, 1123…and of course we (225) will compete too.

Maybe 859 could sign up and draw others in! :wink:

Lisa T :slight_smile:

lol, no it doesn’t depend on the company. I was just curious. I’ll talk to the teacher in charge of us and see if he’s interested in doing it.

…did I mention it will be in a large AIR CONDITIONED exhibit hall???

It is at the Fairgrounds…but not during the York Fair…it is a machine-type expo…an audience that will probably easily catch the “FIRST disease” that we all have!!

So go ahead…pencil that in…Aug 14th - Summer Frenzy - York, PA

Lisa T :smiley:

This is one of the many events my team is discussing attending, I certainly would like to attend, 225 has supported us with PARC for so long, I honestly wouldn’t mind giving a little something back what so ever. Right now most of the Mini’s we are discussing are still tenative, but hey, we did six last year, maybe we will do more this year ;-).


If you need someone to help with the Reffing, You can ask me. I reffed at PARC, and would love to get my name further out there.
Email me at [email protected]

Three REALLY GOOD reasons to consider attending the Summer Frenzy…

  1. It sounds like it will be a great summer competition. A very good way to fill up a summer weekend. I even heard a rumor that they may make the judges wear kilts… :slight_smile:

  2. The competition will be held at the Iron Fever Expo!!! Cabin Fever and Iron Fever are the major east coast machinists and metalworking hobbyist shows. They always have some of the coolest displays and exhibits around, particularly if you are interested in machining of any type. Don’t laugh this one off - the entire show will be FULL of active and retired machinists, mechanics, and engineers. Need a few more mentors or machinists on your team? This is the PERFECT place to find them, get them excited about FIRST, and sucker them, er ah, draft them on to your team before they know any better.

3)Harley-Davidson factory tours just four miles away!!!


To Ron Karpinski & Team 225:

**Team 341, Miss Daisy ** will proudly attend Summer Frenzy!! We are excited to play the game and to support our friends on 225, York High. Mike Wade and 225 have also been regulars at Ramp Riot and we know the quality that these folks represent.

The other reason we will be attending is that MY TEAM HAS BEEN DRIVING ME CRAZY ABOUT GOING!!!.

If you need any advice, supplies or suggestions, please let us know!!

Our coach (oz_341) told us today that we were coming to summer frenzy and I really couldn’t be much more pumped. this will give our seniors another competition before leaving and 225 have been great friends to us for a long time.

Having a summer event is just an awesome idea, 3 months and counting…

:slight_smile: There you’ve got it folks…

Summer Frenzy ENDORSED by Dave Lavery and to be ATTENDED BY Miss Daisy!

What more could you want?!

Lisa T

Ooooo. Nice. We know you know how to do it right in Ambler!..Ramp Riot is always great!

Ron LURKS here all the time…but won’t register & post!

We’re so glad 341 is coming.


Lisa T :slight_smile:

You guys always come to Ramp Riot and have supported us, now, it is great that FIRST is growing and there is another exciting event to go to.

Team 11 is intrested in going… if we get everything working again, or even if we don’t

According to Ron Karpinski, these teams have shown interest:


Harass your mentors…get your team on that list! :slight_smile:

How about a leisurely summer road trip??..we’re 1-2 hours from Philadelphia, Baltimore, Gettysburg, Washington

Or an outdoor adventure??..Corry Robotics may be CAMPING nearby…like they did for the MD state fair

Lisa T

According to Ron Karpinski, these teams have shown interest:


oops…that should be 1111 …not 111

I haven’t heard much about this in a while. From the last post it looks like you are short a few teams. Are you still looking for more?

Here’s the latest from Ron Karpinski:

One month to SUMMER FRENZY!!

15 teams have shown interest and some (3) even have actually sent checks. THANK YOU.

7, 84, 116, 225, 306, 339, 341, 357, 365, 487, 539, 768, 1111, 1123 & 1279.

The $150 entrance fee was only meant to make sure teams were serious about attending.
(IF we needed the money to hold this event it would be cancelled!)
We are fortunate to have gotten sponsorship to cover the arena and court to fulfill our intent of returning that money to you.
A lot of work has gone into this event, in lieu of a deposit check, we need your commitment (by email) that you will attend NOW.

The parking is FREE!

We are trying to fill out a 16 team schedule. (teams 11 & 859 ?)
If you know of any other Teams have them contact me ASAP.

Schedule: Saturday August 14th
Pit opens at 7:30
8:00 - 9:00 Practice
9:00 Opening Ceremonies
9:30 Qualifying Matches (4)
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch
1:00 - 3:30 Qualifying matches (4)
3:30 Alliance selection
4:00 - 5:00 Elimination Matches
5:00 Awards

Sunday August 15th 9:00 - 3:00, for those interested, the court will be used for promoting FIRST.
We will be doing Demos and have several robots for the public to actually use.
If you wish to participate please let me know.

There will be NO IR Beacon for autonomous.
The only rule changes will be to have only 10 point penalties for minor violations (DQ’s for serious violations).

Please visit the York County Fairgrounds web site ( for directions, lodging info. If you need assistance please contact me.

Cabin Fever Model Engineering Show ( )will be our host for this event. There will even be RC cars and boats sailing on a lake. ($7 admission to the public).

Questions? Suggestions? Send them along.

If you’d like to come, please contact Ron directly at [email protected]
Thanks :slight_smile: