Summer Heat 2018 (Yikes! Sharks!)


Hi Folks,

Yes Summer Heat is happening again! Come enjoy the wonderful coast of Maine, fresh ocean air, and robots!
Camp overnight in the gym on the field.
Mario Cart tourney for overnight guests.
S’Mores, brought to you by 4055
Pancakes in the morning by 58
Vermont Maple Syrup by 885
And yes, there will be sharks! Maybe even a Kraken or two.


Always an amazing event that we look forward to every year. We might even be bringing a pre-rookie team from the Maine School of Science and Mathematics.


We should have a spare bot that they could drive


We’re building an offseason scalebot anyway so they can probably just drive our regular season bot. Thanks for the offer and we will reach out if we need it.


And Beachballs!!!


Getting close to last call for sign up.


Ooh, you have piqued my interest:D


Summer Heat… Always a great event!

Riot Crew Rocks!


Team 3236 is signed up!


We’re close to full - space for 2 more teams. Looking forward to a great event!


Awesome event! You don’t want to miss it! Check out the trophies and banner from 2017!

Spirit Award - The team that shows the best Summertime spirit

Winner and Finalist Awards

The Winners Banner - Only at Summer Heat!

And to top it off, A short video of our sharks schooling around!!!

New trophy design every year! Always with a Summer theme.


Can’t wait for this event. Blue Crew has a question about the rule changes. What size diameter are the beach balls and can we push two through the exchange for two climbs?


Great Question! Beach balls are ~13.25” (mileage may vary). Only one beachball climb per alliance, per match. We’ve got a ton of them.