Summer Heat

Team 58 is holding its first off season event dubbed
[size=]Summer Heat[/size]](

July 18th
South Portland High School
South Portland Maine
30 team Maximum
First Come (sign up) First Served
$125 per team
Camping event to follow (developing)

Please help spread the word!

I was wondering if there was more info on the event scheduled wise. Most importantly when load in is. Its an hour and forty minute drive for us so any information would help us in planning.

Let me know if you guys are looking for an MC or game announcer! If not, I’ll probably end up volunteering anyways if you’re accepting volunteers. Sounds like fun!

Will have schedule built out after our team meeting tonight. I will try to publish it here and on the website tonight. Thanks for asking.

Jay, yes we would love to have an announcer/MC

Jay and I will be working as MC and GA, respectively, at Mayhem in Merrimack, please let me know as well if the game announcer position is open at Summer Heat! This looks like it will be a ton of fun, and another great event for northern NE teams.

Thank you!

Feel free to PM Brandon and I with details. We’d both love to do it!

Use MechaRams if no number? :stuck_out_tongue:

:ahh: I will get the web designer on that!

Tentative Schedule

7:30 Pits Open
8:30-8:45 Opening Announcements
8:45-12:15 Qualification Matches
12:15-12:30 Alliance Selections
12:30-1:00 Lunch
1:00-1:15 Ceremony
1:15-4:15 Play-Offs
4:15-4:30 Awards
5:00 Pits Close

Are you aware that this is the same date as IRI?

Outside of 125 and 195 not coming it won’t effect teams attending. With the event in New England they have plenty of teams to choose from.

Yes, that is what we figured

Do you have any more information about the camping trip that will come after the event?

Oops!!! I meant to have quad 9s. Fixing it now. Thanks for catching that.

Getting close to crunch time! Sign up soon!

I may be in the area that week any information on volunteering yet?

Looks like the Camping is going to happen too! We have secured a nice greenspace at the high school to pitch tents. Manhunt anyone?

We’d love to have you volunteer. Any idea what role you’d like to fill?

I can be any role that you guys need. I have experience with field reset and queuing though.

Yes, we have secured a very large fenced in green space at the High School. Tenting only. It will be Satuday (after the event)-Sunday (11:00 am). We will be serving pancakes in the morning and probably a student mini-ultimate all inclusive event in the morning. Working on some sort of activity for Saturday evening.