Summer Heat

Hi Folks,

The Riot Crew brings you this year’s Summer Heat Competition. A light hearted fun competition with a summer flavor. To keep costs low, teams are welcome to “camp out” on the field the night before in the gym. We serve free breakfast for those guests that spend the night. Then have a fun competition the next day. And yes, there will be sharks with lasers and lots of beach balls as always.
Its filling fast so sign up soon!

Sign up here:

Can’t recommend Summer Heat enough. The volunteer base always has the teams first in mind and run a very smooth event. There’s also some great places to eat in Portland afterwards!

Gonna be fun! Nuff said!

NRG is registered to attend again this year. Well worth the 4 1/2 hour drive. Anyone that is looking for a fun off season event should go. We will be bringing s’mores supplies again this year for the camp out.

Mmmm, s’mores…

OK Team MAX is in. You sold us at S’Mores.

Is there some type of list for teams bringing stuff? We plan on camping out also. It says a camp out in the gym and also S’mores? I know we aren’t making fires in the gym. Any more details would be great.

Man-oh-man, kids these days don’t know how it’s done.

Yes, we will be publishing a sign-up sheet soon. 885 brought Vermont Maple Syrup last year, I hope they do this year too :wink: :wink:

It’s a big secret, Shhh! Actually we have a small portable s’mores maker. We had so much fun last year except for 495 being shut down for a fatal accident and taking 7 hours to get to Maine.

By the way Riot Crew may be interested in coming south for WIWI, any slot still available? Sean emailed me this morning looking for a southern event to come down to.



Rob just sent me notification 58 is attending WIWI, so I think they’re all set. Excited to have a team from Maine for the first time at WIWI.

Also stoked to be attending Summer Heat for the first time. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this tournament.

I cannot speak of this event more highly. It’s very well run, an absolute blast to attend, and the venue is clean. Parking is easy, and food is plentiful in the Portland area. I’m beyond excited to head up to South Portland once again!

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Definitely excited for this event. Last year was a total blast, will the small blow up sharks be back this year?

Yes they will. I might expect a submarine instead of an airship too.

Will you be adding a box of fuel to the airship? It seemed very well received at both Battlecry and Midknight Mayhem.

Sounds like fun but it is not in the plans. Hard to throw fuel from a submarine :slight_smile:

I’d have to agree with that one. I guess us pilot’s are now called captains.

A day late, but thank you to 58 for putting on an amazing event. Almost every member of our team was able to be on a drive team position this weekend, either on 1058 or on 9999 (58’s practice robot), and I don’t think I personally have ever had more fun at an offseason.

Summer Heat was once again my favorite event of the season. More reunion than competition, it was great to spend time with friends old and new. Seeing students from different teams mixing and reminiscing about all the crazy times from Week 0 through Worlds, and everything they’ve learned along the way, is a great reminder of what FIRST is really about. Thanks Riot Crew for hosting, and thanks to all the awesome New England mentors and volunteers who make this event possible.

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