Summer Internship

To the Point:
I’m looking for a Summer internship, and am looking now on chiefdelphi to see if anyone knows of one at their company or in their community

A Bit About Me:
Currently I am a Sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering (with a concentration in manufacturing and minor in mathematics) in CT. In High School I was extremely involved with my FIRST Robotics Team (Team 1099), where I worked my way up to Captain and led the team to one of their most successful seasons. Now that I am in College I volunteer at District Events within the NE District in order to give back to a organization that changed my life.

I am currently looking for a Summer internship, not only to gain experience but to find what I like and want to pursue. I have been applying to many larger companies around the country and small businesses around me. I realized that Chiefdelphi is full of engineers who work for companies and appreciate the skills that FIRST has given its participants. If anyone here knows of any internship opportunities in their company relating to engineering or manufacturing please PM me or email me at my email address below. I am more than willing to give you any necessary info and answer any questions. Also I am more than willing to travel so location does not matter to me at all.

-Samuel Waldman
[email protected]

Thank You

I don’t know what the prerequisite qualifications are, but in my city (Duluth MN), we have a small airplane manufacturer called Cirrus, and they’ve got a bunch of internship opportunities there.

I know SpaceX has a number of internships, but I don’t know for sure what the qualifications are offhand.

We have a summer internship program for engineering and computer science students and are always happy to have FRC-alumni apply.

The link for the internship program announcement is here: