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I’m looking for a summer job related to engineering. I’m not really sure where to look, and any help would be appreciated. I’m interested in computer/electrical engineering and also like aerospace engineering. I live in Maryland, near DC. I’ve never had a job before (other than things like babysitting) so I don’t know what types of jobs I could get. I want to get a job that would be interesting and teach me about engineering, but everywhere I look it seems like they only allow high schoolers to do boring work. Anyone have any ideas?

To tell you the truth, you probably wont find a job like that as your first one.
Try to get apply as an intern or maybe desk asst. somewhere. My first Job was doing roofing on new houses then i went into concrete work.
You have to start at the bottom to get to the top, usually.
Good luck on finding a good job though.

Kyle is pretty much right. Unless you have some special connections, its hard to get a job related to engineering. Start low with any job just for the experience. Your first job usually brings in a lot of maturity and a sense of responsibility. Good luck.

When it comes to gaining internships and/or other engineering jobs before you graduate college; it’s true, you will have to start small and grow from there. Don’t give up though - a start is a start (and it’s better to start sooner than later). Get the boring Microsoft Office “slave labor to supervisor” jobs out of the way while you’re in college and each year you will grow more into an independent role at whatever company(ies) you choose. When you graduate college you’ll be much ahead of the rest of the crowd because you will have that foundation in job experience.

I had my first engineering-related internship at Hamilton Sundstrand when I was 17 years old. I had just graduated High School (no college yet at all). Yes, there were times when I couldn’t stand making any more copies, retyping documents, or play with excel spreadsheets anymore. However, I found a place for myself by teaching other engineers how to use Microsoft Access. After that I began receiving more responsibility. That summer was also about becoming acquainted with the office environment (it is a really different environment for a person that young and only has High School as a frame of reference).

I’ve continued to have these internships:

Summer 2002: Hamilton Sundstrand JSF Electronic Controls
Summer 2003: Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems: EMU (space suit) Project Group
Jan-June 2004: DEKA Research & Development: iBOT Test Technician
Jan-June 2005: Pratt & Whitney GP7000 Commodity Management
Jan-Aug 2006: unconfirmed location (some company near Boston)
May 2007: GRADUATION in Industrial Engineering!

Unless you commit yourself to a company for every one of your internships don’t expect too much responsibility either. Large companies, in particular, have issues with developing procedures for certain tasks. Instead, they pass along a task to a certain individual and BAM! That individual owns that task for life. Therefore, because an internship is temporary help; if the supervisor has an intern do a specific task the supervisor will be struggling after the intern leaves to find another person to take on that task later on. Haha, in some ways, an intern’s presence can mess up company’s method of work.

Of course, I can’t be speaking for all companies, only the overly bureaucratic large ones that I’m familiar with (you’ll notice a lot of sarcasm among engineers too, it’s somewhat refreshing). Research internships are probably really different as well. DEKA was very different in expectation and responsibility from the UTC companies I’m familiar with too. Yes, one recommendation, vary your experiences. 1) You’ll get a better idea of what it is you actually enjoy doing. 2) You’ll be well rounded for when you figure out the kind of job you want. You’ll know what other people’s responsibilities are from a personal perspective (makes you a better leader).

It’s the little things that matter during your first internships. Such as “what is my supervisor talking about? Asking for? Where can I find that information? How should I nag this person for that information I need?” Learn to ask for details, ask questions, and approach people. Another over-looked skill not only to figure out what questions need to be asked, but also how to ask the question so the other person understands what you want (language barrier because of acronym over-use).

Ok, I think that’s enough random advice for now.

“Professional Intern”

There are some excellent engineering “camps” sponsored by Johns Hopkins right up the road from you in Shady Grove. Also the Maryland Summer Centers (sponsored by the MD Dept of Ed.) have run engineering summer programs for at least the past 3 years. I’m not sure which age they stop at. Last summer, my youngest spent 3 weeks at the UMBC working on a biomedical engineering project. He was chosen for this because he had done one of the engineering summer centers at the Hopkins APL in the previous year. I’ve had to drive all over but he’s had some great experiences. Many of these camps ask for teacher references, so make sure you are doing well in school.
Also, I’ve had many many wonderful jobs. They all had boring stuff included. It’s called learning.

I want to apply to be Andy Bakers desk asst. , so then I know I can get IRI off. :rolleyes: That would be my dream summer job right now. :smiley: I will probably have to settle for Kroger or Best Buy.

since i wanna be majoring in advertising/marketing i might be interning/shadowing my cuzin in LA california…she is a marketing person and is associated with Staples Center…and of course ill be still working at good ol’ Farmers Insurance! oh yes! such a great job if u want to be majoring in advertising/marketing haha :yikes:

I also want to intern/shadown biomedical engineering but that would be alittle hard.

Don’t worry man, I think I may have a solution for you. Let me find out from my boss and I’ll PM you soon. This was perfect timing because I just found out about the job today. I’ll get the details for you soon, it has to do with aeronautical engineering. (You will be able to work with them.)

GO 1403!!!

On the talk of jobs, to prove how sometimes luck, and a little reputation can go a long way, I was at engineers week here in tech-valley, and I landed a job with CME doing Advanced Materials Research and Testing. Not bad for my first engineering related job. My goal is to be a mechanical engineer, and i’ll be frank, I love to break things. So i’ll be a little of both, a field guy grabbing samples from various places and testing (read torture) the parts to failure, and i’ll also get to research new materials and make suggestions. I also get to play the part of a sluth, and if something fails, I’ll get the oppertunity to investigate what happened and figure out how and why it failed. I think over all I’ll learn alot from this job. MatSci was my favorite class last semester so I expect to have a lot of fun. The only boring part is occasionally i’ll be doing NDT’s, and that means no breakage of the part which is a bummer. I like big booms, and pulling Rebar into submission is a lot of fun, and loud! Thats really cool that you got to work for DEKA and all of thoose UTC company’s, Thoose are the type of jobs I want to have ebfore I graduate for the same reasons you discussed. I still have at least 4 more years.

Congratulations Corey. Hopefully this will only be the beginning of a long, fulfilling career for you. But, you still have to do this whole robotics thing and keep inspiring kids to follow in your footsteps.

How close do you live to DC? This may be an option for you. It is a summer internship at the National Security Agency (NSA) devoted to CS and engineering.

There are a ton of opportunities in the DC area, you just have to find them. I knew a guy (a senior in high school) who helped to maintain the Department of Agriculture’s dabases. Just look around.

Everyone looking for people to hire for a summer job, I am looking

Can you tell me what it is, where and how much?


Well I was hoping for teh same thing, instead I got a job at the same camp I have been at the last couple years, I am teaching Model Rocketry. Also I have a job at the movies with a few others on the team.