Summer Meetings During Pandemic

With the news of the game staying the same and all the social distancing rules being about, has any teams thought about meeting over the summer to work on perfecting their robot? I know that our team has mentioned it but since our workshop is at the school we aren’t allowed to go there due to them being closed. Just curious on what other teams are doing and plan on during this off-season while everyone is out of school.

My club has been communicating with the school and our teachers to get frequent updates on the rules for when we can go in and are hoping we can get in soon. We also have a discord and are hosting meetings to teach everyone skills we’ll need when we get back.


We’re doing online meetings for now and doing as much work as we can at home. Maybe in the future we can do subteam only meetings or something, but luckily it isn’t too urgent since our robot is done, and I’d rather have an imperfect robot than run the risk of something happening to someone on the team or their family.

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We were recently notified by the district that we would be allowed to propose activities using the school that cannot reasonably take place elsewhere, subject to guidelines regarding attendance, distancing, and PPE. We’re looking into what that will look like this summer now, but I’m optimistic.

It will certainly look different than the extremely relaxed meeting structure we typically had during summer, since that won’t really qualify as acceptable for the school.


We’re meeting over video call all summer (details in this thread for anyone who’s curious). The district has not announced anything about when they plan to open campus in any capacity, but we almost certainly won’t have any access to the shop over the summer.

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Didn’t know you were on my team. We’re in the same boat. Well, occasionally a mentor will slide in and check but that’s about it.

If we get access as a team earlier we’ll be thrilled.

We’re hoping by the fall they’ll at least let our teacher-mentor back into his classroom. Currently everything is locked down tight.

Since our main school building is being torn down over the summer and its replacement isn’t yet ready to occupy, our entire shop is in storage. We’ll be doing some planning meetings, but other than that we have to wait for August and the move-in to the new building to be able to work in our (new, hopefully much larger and better) shop.

just the same as you, waiting for the schools to allow us to get back to work (problem is that they plan to combine our high schools so sadly 6656 MIGHT not be able to compete until a new teacher steps in (i would volunteer but they probably wouldn’t hire me to be solely a Robotics teacher, id need to teach physics or something on the side)

We are allowed into the school in groups of nine or less. We meet twice a week and have spent the last 2 weeks reorganizing our shop. We will begin robot work and driver practice within the next 2 weeks.

We are also still making the 3D printed face-shields. We initially made 150 of the Montana masks and have now printed and laser cut materiel’s for 500+ face shields.

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My team is a community team but we are also located in a mall. We should be able to get in soon to start cleaning up and getting things ready for when the public can come in.

This summer we hope to have our summer camp in-person or at least virtually. That is going to take up most of our summer both planning and running it. We also have to start considering virtual FLL teams and start planning a way to run those if it is necessary. We will be pretty busy this summer.

We are incredibly lucky that we can even get into our shop. I couldn’t imagine being a school team that can’t get in until Fall.

Washington’s pretty bad as far as COVID-19 goes, especially with the spike in cases that’s going to come with the protests, so our team isn’t meeting in person for the foreseeable future with the exception of collecting face shields from people’s houses.

There are a lot of people who volunteer as coaches, but accept a coaching stipend from the district which makes them a district employee – iirc @Libby_K does that, and I know a few mentors in my area do as well, and I think it’s pretty common for sports coaches

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