Summer Movies 2007

This summer has a lot of great movies comming out, starting with Spider-Man 3 last week (OK, so it’s not technically the summer yet, but close enough). Which ones do you plan on/hope to see?

<already saw Spidey>
I really want to see:
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

And want to see:
Sherk the Third

Spider-Man 3, meh, something about an emo Peter Parker didn’t suit me well. The movie went from “COOL!” to looks at watch when he was dancing down the street or whatever he was doing.

I can’t wait for…

-Harry Potter

Great summer for movies! Though I’m kinda wondering why they made a sequal to the horrible Fantastic Four movie…

I don’t really watch movies, and I’ve never seen Pirates of the Carribean… but isn’t this like the 5th one? It hurts me to see what is supposedly a good idea being milked out for every last dime.

Third (and hopefully last) film.
The first one was fun but I didn’t see a reason for the second one.
I’ll still see the third one.

I’ll also see:
28 Weeks Later
SHrek the third.
Fantastic4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
1408 ( the preview looks great)
Live Free or Die Hard (probably against my better judgement)
Ratatouille (Pixar has never failed me)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
Transformers (in spite of the presence of the evil Micheal Bay)
The Simpson’s Movie
The Bourne Ultimatium

I’m sure there will be others that catch my attention.

Personally, I’m not as stoked about this summer’s movies. The only ones I really want to see are Shrek, Transformers (more as a joke than anything), and the Simpson’s (more as an obligation to the series than really wanting to see it). I’ll probably end up seeing Pirates too, but the first one got old really fast and the second one was pretty terrible.
The good movies of 2007 already came out, imho. Grindhouse, Hot Fuzz, and 300 were amazing.

Pirates, Bourne Ultimatum, Rush Hour 3, Ocean’s 13.

Summer of the trilogies, eh?

Sean, what about Hostel 2? I thought you liked the first one…:rolleyes:

I think every weekend (pretty much) worth spending $10.45 either in IMAX or regular theater this summer. Did anyone notice that Shrek 3 is coming out this weekend? aka Monty Weekend? OH! this is gonna be FUN!


The pirates movies are just like the matrix movies. MONEY. In a trilogy, I’ll use LotR, the Matrix as examples, the FIRST movie is great in terms of storyline, the building of the plot and characters, and action. The SECOND movie is intensely active and has a very weak plot and storyline although at times important revelations are made and characters are transformed. Finally the THIRD movie is where the plot ends and the action reaches a climax of close to equal the value of the second movie (plus or minus a little) and the movie ends. Usually the action gets better bet a few only reach the climax of the second.

In order of best-worst:
FIRST movie > THIRD movie > SECOND movie.

I think the Bourne trilogy (I hope ends as a trilogy) will follow this trend…The second one was not that great…

300 was great, not awesome. I agree with the Simpsons being more of an obligation because of its impact on my life personally, but Transformers (which i have yet to see) is more of a inspirer rather than a joke because when I was a kid…when I was younger, I remember that I wanted to build robots. Isn’t that what first is about.


In no particular order:

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Because the Silver Surfer is amazing)

Yeah, not a fantastic summer for movies.

I’m not going to see Simpsons, because, well, they should stay on TV. Harry potter is… okay, I don’t want to make anyone mad (aka boring). I’ve never seen the first Pirates but did see the second and wont see the third. I lost interest in Shrek after the first. Should I have really explained why I dont want to see these movies? No… LOL. Sorry, I like to rant early in the morning.

(And I can’t wait for the live action Ironman next year)

Empire Strikes Back notwithstanding. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not much of a theater guy (the last two movies I saw in a theater were Serenity and The Lion King; that’s more than 11 years apart), so these are all DVD picks for me. I will pick up the Fantastic Four sequel and Spidey 3 (and most likely 300). I’ll wait for reviews on Transformers, but it looks interesting. I MAY pick up the Simpsons Movie pending how certain people and sites review it (keeping in mind that IMO, the show hasn’t been good since the turn of the millenium). Other films on the periphery of my radar include Stardust, the Resident Evil sequel, The Invasion, Beowulf, the first of the His Dark Materials trilogy, Leatherheads, and I Am Legend. And I may be heading into 2008 here (lots of unknown release dates), but also on my radar are Iron Man, Doomsday, The Final Season, Forever Strong, Spawn 2, In The Name of the King (I know the odds of this one inhaling quite audibly are high, but stranger things have happened), and Highlander: The Source (if it has a kick-butt [lousy language filter] Queen sountrack :p). Now where’s my Captain America movie!?! :smiley:

All this talk of movies and DVDs reminds me that I need to pick up Kamen Rider The First the next time I’m shopping…

You guys all thought 300 was great?

I thought the battle scenes were pretty sweet, but based off the trailers, I had no idea I was paying $10 to watch what turned out to be borderline softcore pornography, mixed with Lord of the Rings, mixed with the Hunchback of Notre Dame, mixed with Troy. The movie was seriously bizarre, and the best moment of the entire movie was shown in the trailer (This is SPARTA!!!).

Pretty much the only reason I wasn’t disappointed in the movie was because I spent the entire time making fun of all the weird stuff in it with the people I was with.

I want to see:

Delta Farce
Oceans 13
The Kingdom
Hot Fuzz

Mmm I hope it isn’t a dissapointment. I liked the fourth one, but hated the third. I’m hoping this upcoming one is at least just as good as the Fourth.

My daughter made me go with her to see 300, so its the only movie I’ve seen in a movie theater this year (other than IMAX - “Roving Mars”) She wanted to go for the cinematography - she is an aspiring film maker. So she made me watch it from an artistic perspective. And that made it very interesting to watch. And it made me cry (I’m a softie), so bonus points for that!

I’m a Johnny Depp fan so I’ll probably see Pirates and most likely Harry Potter as well. I was goint to try to see Spiderman 3, but I’ve heard so many so-so to bad reviews that I’ll wait for it to get to the cheap movie theater.

You all have to remember this is an opinion thread. I was reading peoples OPIONION on what i though was an extremly great movie in 300 and got a little mad, im like how can you not like that movie, then i remembered, its THEIR OPINION. so please, keep it that way haha.

But as for this summer i am looking forward to seeing almost every movie that is comming out. I am a huge movie fan so I will most likley see them all.

spiderman 3 was great but i didnt like the ending. i will probably end up seeing transformers but w/e, i dont have that much of an interest in it. as for harry potter, it comes out on my bday so i have no choice but to go see it lol. some of my good friends really like the series. that is very true, summer movies dont have much to choose from.

They say this one is being released this summer but I doubt it’ll make it to Rochester.
I’m probably more likely to get it on DVD.

For everyone saying that this isn’t a summer for movies, just be glad you’re not working in one. (Like yours truly) However, getting to see the movies for free definitely helps the wallet.

I saw Spidey 3 and I liked it. Granted, there were parts I didn’t like (Emo Parker, Dunst “singing” (if that’s what you can call it) and the “ending” (I won’t ruin it for people who haven’t seen it yet)) BUT the Bruce Campbell cameo was out of this world.

Pirates, I’ll see it, only because I’m going to show it for my staff.

Other than that, the movies I want to see are: Simpsons, Harry Potter, Live Free or Die Hard, Ratatouille, Rush Hour 3, and a few others.

Compared to previous summers, this summer could very well be one of the biggest in Hollywood history. Only time will tell.

Looking at this 9 minute clip of Pixar’s newst pic Ratatouille I suspected that it would be good due to Pixar’s linage and the awesomeness of Brad Bird but now I think this film has the potential to be my favorite film of the year!

I went and watched Pirates 3 with Joe Matt, his sister and her friend and it was a great time, the movie is like 8345008934580 hours long it seems, 2 hours and 45 minutes exactly, and it has many different plots and twists to it but the action is great, Capt sparrow is once again great and a fun movie to watch.

Spiderman 3 didn’t do it for me, I did not like much of the plot other then the action scenes.

I really want to see Die Hard 15, Live Free Die Hard.
Harry Potter and a few others that I can’t remember right now.