Summer programs

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but this is the most relevent one I could fined.

What are some good Summer programs (robotics related) that are offered by colleges. I’m in 10th grade now by the way. I’ve heard of MIT, Stanford etc… offering robotics summer programs but am unable to find any information on them. Any replies or input would be apreciated.


Not quite robotics, but still engineering, Columbia has an awesome engineering design summer program. Basically, it’s an introduction to engineering design and 3d modeling, but uses community service as its source for such projects. Team dynamics are heavily emphasized. It reminded me very much of the initial steps of the FIRST season - defining the problem, forming a team, organizign that team, and designing a solution. I have pictures, videos, and a final report from last year - just PM me and I can send them to you. It’s taught by Prof. Jack McGourty, who actually teaches an incredibly similar course over the semester, a required course for all freshmen engineers, and a few of his excellent TA’s. The combination of the excellent curiculum with the posibility of going downtown everynight made it an incredible experience.

Brown has some summer courses that explore robotics, but I think that they are /very/ basic, and probably below all of our levels (though I haven’t looked very closely).

I’d also check Cornell and Carnegie-Mellon, though I can’t remember off the top of my head what their offerings are, they have a large number of summer options for HS students.

Thanks. Ill PM you and check with cornell. I’ve heard that they have a very good robot soccer team.

In Summer of 2003 I enrolled in the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Autonomy (RoboCamp) course. Here’s a link. I learned a lot from that camp, plus you get to keep your robot that you build. It’s fun stuff, 7 weeks – they actually skipped 2004 and revamped their course. In 2003 we had a “trikebot”, but now the robot is much different. It was located at Nasa AMES (California), in the old Space Camp HQ (Eagle Room).

Also, this summer I’m trying to get into the COSMOS summer camp program, hosted also in California in a couple of UC schools. There’s a course related to robotics and nanotechnology – not sure how great it is.

The Robocup team is for Cornell students and entry into it is highly competitive and usually limited only to upperclassmen. Good luck getting into that as a 10th grader :wink:

WPI has a great series of programs on their website and many are tailored for FIRST.