Summer Series 2021 Virtual FRC Workshops - July 26 - 30th

Team 5199 is hosting the second annual Summer Series this year, which will take place from July 26th - July 30th. The Summer Series consists of a week of free, virtual workshops covering topics from all realms of FRC, ranging from basic manufacturing to empowerment and outreach. These 40 minute workshops give an opportunity for presenters to share valuable information and viewpoints on topics and for attendees to increase their knowledge base and gain valuable insight into how different teams approach different issues. For our second year, we are opening workshop slots that we would like to find teams from all over to fill!

There will be 2-3 workshops scheduled a day, with the preliminary schedule having workshops and panels scheduled in the following time slots (all times are in Pacific time):
Session 1, 5 - 5:40 PM
Session 2, 5:50 - 6:30 PM
Session 3, 6:40 - 7:20 PM*
*Not all dates will have 3 workshops scheduled

For those who would like to see how the event was run previously, here is a link to a playlist of last year’s Summer Series workshops and panels:

We had amazing presentations from teams 3476, 3309, 2485, 1622 previously and are looking forward to expanding our group of presenters further with the open application this year. If you or your team has a passion for certain topics, we strongly encourage you to share your knowledge with others by applying to present a workshop for this year’s event. Here’s the link to the application, which is due by midnight Pacific time on Saturday, July 10th: Summer Series Presenter Application

We will be continuing to post to this thread with additional information on the workshop schedule, team line-up, and livestream, so stay tuned for the news!



Can’t wait!


Summer Series is just one week away! For those who aren’t familiar, Summer Series is a week of free, virtual workshops hosted by Team 5199, and includes presenters and panelists from some of the top teams in California. We will see presentations from teams 3476, 3255, 1622, 2485, 3309, and 5199. Everyone from newbies with no experience to seasoned veterans will find important value in these workshops.

Summer Series will run from July 26th - 30th, and consists of 2 panels every day (5:00 pm - 5:40 pm, 5:50 pm- 6:30 pm). Attached below is a comprehensive schedule of this year’s Summer Series, followed by the day-by-day breakdowns of each panel and workshop.

If you would like to attend Summer Series, please sign up using this link: Summer Series 2021 Sign-Ups

Links for the YouTube livestream can be found through our Linktree: robotdolphins | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree

You can also keep up to date with updates through our team’s Instagram: @robotdolphins.

We’re excited to be once again collaborating with these amazing teams to share our knowledge, and we hope to see you there!


Summer Series starts today, so join us starting at 5 PM for our first session! The links for the YouTube livestream are found below:
Day 1 (7/26):
Day 2 (7/27):
Day 3 (7/28):
Day 4 (7/29):
Day 5 (7/30):

Check above for our daily breakdowns and schedule.


A little sneak peek of what Team 3255’s autonomous coding workshop will show tonight!

At this workshop our Head Coach and Programming Mentor, Tayler Uva will describe how our team developed this autonomous sequence through the use of state machine programming techniques. Hope to see you there!

Link to join:
(Java Coding starts at 5pm Pacific, Autonomous Coding starts at 5:50pm Pacific)


Day 4 Recording!

Time Stamps:

  • Java Coding starts at 2:00
  • Autonomous Coding starts at 52:00
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