Summer Vacations

I just got back from a cruise to the Caribbean. I always said that a cruise is the best type of trip to take until I went to Las Vegas. I thought that LV was the best city. That trip was awesome. I was wondering what everyone thought was the best type of trip.

I say a beach in California, or Florida, cause I have friends in both those states I’d want to go to the beach with.

:stuck_out_tongue: They know who they are:p

Lets see

IRI (Indianapolis) is a partial vacation for me

Beantown Blitz (Boston) is another partial vacation

Columbus, Ohio to participate in the NHL Breakout tournament…well thats kinda a vacation

Oh and the real vacation to Pennsylvania for family reunion (uh yay?) in July

Driving across the country (with friends) would be the best thing ever.


Two weeks in Connecticut in August. In a cottage on the Long Island Sound with an outdoor shower (thank cats the rest of the bathroom is indoors). Lots of trips to The Book Barn, my all time favorite used book store! Early mornings spent reading on the screened porch as the world wakes up around me. Nothing super exciting, but nice and relaxing.


next year: Alaska!

What is this “vacation” thing you guys talk about? I have never heard of tis “vacation.”

I’m going of to college in mid-Agust, and I don’t have a job right now. :frowning: I’ve been hunting for the past few weeks and when I finnaly get that job - I’m gonna get 40+hours/wk. (I hope.)

And for the people that say 40+hours/wk. is a lot - I was getting 60+hr/wk when I was a mechanic. (I left after a week b/c the person wouldn’t pay OT)

I voted other since I’ve been fortunate enough to go to other countries and it’s really interesting to see these places you read about, eat their food, experience their culture (like falling in love with their accents, ohh Australians), and of course go shopping there. Plus, I actually love flying so I don’t mind 15 hours in a plane. This year it’s off to Sweden, random I know, but I really can’t wait!

Sigh. I realize now that I didn’t really anwer the question asked. I think the best kind of vacation is doing exactly what you want to do. For us, this year it’s two weeks of “next to nothing”. It’s been a crazy, hectic year and all we really want to do is escape for a bit and relax. I loved going to England and Scotland, and we are planning a trip to Alaska (there is supposedly a way to take a ferry from place to place that intrigues me) And he wants to go to Sweden one year and I want to go to Ireland… These types of vacations are great, they’re exciting, strange and wonderful, but they are a little intimidating and exhausting. They are not the type of vacation that you want to sleep through so you run and run and run and end up feeling like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation.

I’ve never done a rustic vacation. The cottage where you share the outdoor shower with a multitude of spiders (their webs look really pretty as the sun shines down and the shower spray leaves drops of water on them…) is as roughing it as I have gone. But I can imagine a camping vacation in the wilds of somewhere being fun (now if only I could convince Mr. Creature Comfort Goals of this).

So there. All kinds of vacations are the best!


“… they only numb my soul, make it hard for me to see. My thoughts start to stray to places far away, I need a change of scenery…” -The Monkees, Pleasant Valley Sunday

I’ll be taking a week off of work for my “vacation” this year. Robot prototyping!! Yippee!!!

You see, it’s a vacation because I’m not on a deadline this time. =-]

Im going on a cruise to Alaska, from Seattle, leaving in two weeks. Should be very fun. Lots of people have told me its great. too bad Alaska’s high for the entire summer is 64*


From my experience, I would say that if you are going to take a cruise, you should go to the Caribbean. If you go somewhere like Alaska there is like no young people on the cruise. Everyone would probably agree with me in saying that a Caribbean cruise usually has lots of teens if you go on the right cruise line. (Royal Caribbean or Carnival are good) I have been on five cruises now and my parents have been on like eleven. I know almost everything about cruises. I would not suggest going on a cruise to Alaska unless you are over like 50 years old. But you may get lucky.

heh a teacher of mine once said “You want to go to the Caribbean? Ever been to Mexico? Take that, make it a third world country, and youve got the caribbean.” I still want to go. From what I’ve heard from people, there are a lot of kids of the Alaskan cruises. Maybe it differs by cruise lines?


Whoever said that there are lots of kids hasn’t been on a caribbean cruise. A little secret is to go on the larger ships. Any ship from Royal Caribbean is great. I personally don’t like Carnival as much, but that is another good one. I have never been on Princes Cruises, but it sounds like it would be another good choice. Don’t go on Holland American. You will be the only person under 70 years old on any of their ships.

i voted yesterday, but didnt get the chance to post. im going to england for a month to do my grade 12 english credit. im gone for a month and i stay at university in london (cant remember which one) for 10 days and then a school in oxford (cant remember which one either) for 18 days. so in total, im gone for 28 days. i leave on june 30th, which is in 16 days!!! im so excited to go. its going to be awesome. gone for a month, no parents, classes for only three hours a day, thirteen hours to do whatever you want, and five friends that im going with from school. its so exciting. people from all over canada and north america can go, but the majority of people are going from toronto (which is in ontario, which is a province in Canada). so basically, thats the short of what im doing this summer.

i can talk as long as i can about robots about this trip, but i wont. if you want more details you can go to and navigate around there, or you can email/pm me.

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**IRI (Indianapolis) is a partial vacation for me **

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I’m with you guys.

I work all the time, so an actual road trip really isn’t in the cards for me. But believe me… I’d much rather spend the day working on robots, cheering on teams, meeting new people, learning new things, and even (possibly) sleeping on a gym floor instead of doing something like going on a ‘real vacation’. The people who don’t think of FIRST as a vacation don’t seem to understand that real happiness is getting involved and making others happy.