Summertime competitions

There’s one in New Hampshire sometime this summer and one in Maryland over Labor Day. There’s more around, but those are the two I know off hand. We’re hoping to go to some of them. Thanks so much for picking us yesterday. 25, 303, & 102 was an incredible alliance - undefeated in the playoffs!!!

Are there any summertime or soon to be competitions around New Jersey?

theres a comp in Jersey in November i think

we ARE the competition in november… be sure to sign up 102, we’ll love to have ya here. also, have any more shirts? i traded my hawian shirt for one of yours, wearing it as i type this (to celebrate in school even though a) no one cares about us and b) the school didnt even bother to announce that we went, because we get no support from them)
anywho theres someone on my team that couldnt go to PA that wanted your shirt… they’re willing to trade. let me know if there’s any takers.

There are quite a few off season comps in new england, NH and Mass espically.

The ones I can think of off the top of my head are:

Mayhem on the Merrimack (NH)
River Rage (NH)
Battle Cry (MA)
Rally In the Valley (NH)

I think there is another one in Mass, and maybe one in CT. Anyone know for sure? 95 needs to figure out what we’re doing for the next few months…

-Andy A.

Anyone knows where to get more info about these events?

Here is the website for Mayhem on the Merrimack, Mayhem and here is the website for battlecry Battlecry
Team 271 (Bay Shore’s Mechanical Marauders) will be attending both competitions, if you need any more info just let us know…

“all your off season comp are belong to us”

(*that would be an invatation for y’all to come)