Sun Gear Question

Using a am-0912 we cannot get theSun Gear to slide on to the motor shaft, any suggestions?

People have had success heating up the gear and then pressing it on the shaft.

When we have had trouble in the past we use a fine grit emery cloth to very lightly sand down the beginning of the shaft to help guide the gear on. Be sure to not sand too much or the gear will not grip well.

I have not done this personally but take a look at this video

I got it from a thread that was here just few days ago. Search for How to remove pinion gear.

On the back of these motors, the drive shaft is exposed just a little bit. This shaft runs all the way through the motor and is the same one that the gear will be pressed to. The reason why its this way is so that you can use an arbor press to press the gear on. As mentioned before, heating it helps, but after doing six of these today (no joke :stuck_out_tongue: I found that it is easier to do it without the torch and use the free hand to line everything up.
It is also a good idea to cut a piece of sheet metal (~50 thou thickness works well) to use as a spacer while pressing the gear on.

If you are a team that doesn’t have an arbor press, you can press pinions on using a vise if you are careful.

This is exactly what we did. With the same gear and same motor the OP was referring to. Works like a charm if you’re careful. I’d suggest using a larger vise that’s hard-mounted. We used the corner of the vise to ensure that only the shaft was in contact with the vise, and not motor body, spade connectors, or bearing.

FRC2168 did this last night, we used the vice on the mill down in the shop, as we know that the sides should be parallel and it is not going to move while we are working.