Sunset Showdown 2024 Offseason Event

Is there any information about what this discounted price will be? I haven’t seen anything regarding this. Thanks!

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We are still waiting on the Hornet Museum to provide us the link and price. They should be sending that over to us this week.


Here are the rules for the inaugural Sunset Showdown Mentor Match Mini-Tournament (SSMMMT, fantastic acronym). These will take place after qualification matches end on Saturday and go for about 1.5 hours. It might be fun! It might be exciting! It will be weird. The 2024 SSMMMT will benefit Alameda County Community Food Bank. Here are the rules:

2024 Sunset Showdown Mentor Match Rules

  • The entry fee to play is $25 per team to Alameda County Community Food Bank. A team may choose to donate more if they would like to captain one of the top four alliances.
    • Teams will make donations directly to ACCFB after alliance selection. All donation receipts will be collected after alliance selection.
    • Donations will need to take place that day after alliance selection.
  • If a team wants to participate in mentor matches, they should report to pit admin. Pit admin will have a small form to fill out: the names of the drive team members and up to two students, one for the drive coach and one (optionally) to shadow referee.
    • Students who recently graduated are not eligible to participate as drivers or human player.
  • All teams must enter by 4 PM on Saturday.
  • The top four donations will be given the respective alliance captain seed (e.g., the top donation will captain alliance #1, the second highest donation will captain alliance #2, etc.). The remaining alliance captains will be selected randomly.
  • Alliances will be three teams. Alliance selection will take place after the last qualification match on Saturday. No declining invitations (we don’t have that kind of time)…
  • This mini-tournament will be a single elimination bracket, using best-of-1 matches (win once and move on).
  • If we have fewer than 24 teams that want to participate, we will reduce the number of alliances to a minimum of 4 and then reduce the number of robots per alliance (starting with the lowest seeded alliance).
  • Standard game rules for the event will apply.*
    • *Weird and fun rule updates may be given up to the last minute.
  • If more than 24 teams enter, the top 24 donations will be permitted to play.
    • Only those playing in mentor matches will be required to donate.

If you have questions about this, ask pit admin on site or email us at [email protected].

See you all there!^


One request. Can you guys play Not Like Us by Kendrick Lamar at Sunset Showdown or add it to the competition playlist


Alternatively, @thatnerdJack, we should just play sea shanties nonstop.


Now if I don’t hear at least one sea shanty, I’m going to be disappointed. Thanks, Andrew.


Somehow, F-R-“C Shanties” don’t appear to be a thing yet.

@Andrew_L you have a media crew on your team, right? I bet they can solve this in a week…


Sam, you may not know it, but you got me good. Funny story, I’ll tell you at Sunset haha.

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There’s a competition to raise dough to put bread on people’s tables? BREAD is all in.

I hope we can make a nutritious alliance. Possible: popcorn, cookies, churros, cheese puffs, and even some fruit.

I hope other mentors are willing to embarrass themselves to entertain their students and to help ACCFB put bread on more tables.


When will match schedules be released?

Match schedules will be generated at some point during Friday evening or Saturday morning.

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This event will be streamed at and TBA GameDay