Super Bowl XXXIII In Reliant Dome

OMG! i was SO there Its awesome to see somthing everyome in the coumtry is watching and You were There On the field where they are playing :Feels Tingley inside:

it does, and at the same time I wonder if someone reached under their seat and found momentos of first, like bolts ductaped to bolts and duct taped to a chair with some team pins on the whole contraption… :wink:

heheh…yeah, it’s a pretty nice dome there…

My last matches were driven on that floor. As I was driving back to school tonight I debated wether or not I would have the courage to turn the TV on to take a look. I went out to watch the half time show, and it sure did give me a weird and eerie feeling knowing I had walked that same spot.

i personally keep thinking that where they are playing, 9 months or so ago there was a huge conga line…lol

that half time show wasnt too good i say…

I didn’t like the halftime show. I think the stadium looks a bit different with a cement floor than the astroturf, maybe larger! Well, my dad does not like that coke or pepsi commercial about illegally downloading music from the internet.

Isnt it super bowl XXXVIII?

But yes, it is cool to think that you walked where they are now. And i liked it beter with the cement look…

It’s a Pepsi ad.

It features kids who were sued by the RIAA. Overall I think it’s was a stupid commerical, but Pepsi probably paid for their court fees. I haven’t seen too many commercials that I love yet, but the Cadillac ones are cool and so was the one with the talking chimp.

Great Superbowl. I was pumped right from the get go. I couldnt have been more thrilled with the pre-show. JOSH GROBAN!!! my absolute favorite music artist AND the NASA tribute. Amazing! I loved having bragging rights about playing in that same stadium.

The NFL felt the same way apparently.
What was MTV thinking having Timberlake tear off Janet Jackson’s top?

yeah that nasa tribute was awesome, i too was braggin so much that i competed and was there, every time they showed the shot outside i was like oooo i was there, it kinda became the joke of the night with the people i was watching with. Yeah that whole halftime thing i found funny, MTV shouldnt produce them anymore they just lack creativity now. Anyone see the Golf cart that nelly came out on? It was really awesome.

THATS what i said OMG! How could it be wrong?
belive me i know roman numarls i jusy have a problem with holdong the shift key and typing, sorry

I mean


According to the WSJ article on Friday (which is no longer available online), many companies are moving away from the “carte blanche” attitude that they passed onto their advertisement companies. Furthermore, the extravagant ads were at a time at which there wasn’t much going on in the world…whereas now there is tons of drama, and thus eye-catching ads are less necessary in the company’s eyes.

Hence, more down-to-earth ads.

The one commercial that reminded me the most about FIRST was the Budweiser commercial with the little Donkey that wanted to be a Clydsdale. It showed with hard work, determination and a really good interviewyou can be able to achieve your goal even if you think you don’t belong.
If that doesn’t say FIRST than what does? :smiley:

I thought that was one of the better commercials, besides the fact that Pepsi’s name was all over it. What they’re doing is cool, because it will encourage people to download music legally… only question is will it work?


you just put it all into perspective! hahaha… that’s really amusing!

And the whole thing about justin timberlake tearing off janet’s top… i have a feeling that that wasn’t planned… overall though i thought the half show sucked… it wasn’t my most entertaining superbowl as sad as that is to say.

i agree about the super bowl…the apparent lack-of-superstar really showed during the first quarter and a half. I would have liked to have seen a team that starts with “C” and rhymes with OLTS take on a team that starts with R and rhymes with AMS. Now that would have been a game. Two explosive offenses versus two defenses that have seen better days. Hmmm…just wishful thinking i guess. Anyways, now it’s time to build a robot.

As per the halftime show. I am so incredibly offended. Just goes to show…a good rock show is best everytime.

I would have loved to see the Colts and Titans in the Super Bowl.
I think it would have been great to see the two MVP’s in the NFL playing in the largest game of the year.

but I LIKED those flaboyant ads soo much more. it made me laugh and actually care about thier product