Super Cells.

So if I am correct each alliance starts out with 4 empty cells. Then this would mean a total of 8 possible super cells worth 120 points. That same amount of points would require 60 moon rocks to match it. That means if all moon rocks were distributed equally amongst robots, each robot would have 10 moon rocks in their trailers. ALL OF THIS IS JUST TO POINT OUT A GOOD STRATEGY.

Wouldn’t it make sense for a robot’s only job to go back and forth turning empty cells to super cells? I know it would rely on every shot being made in the last 20 seconds, but if my alliance scored 60 points because of it I think that would be worth it.

I already know this strategy is flawed. Please help me fix it and make it better.


i like the idea, but the stratagy would need to have the other two robots sorta hearding the other teams robots into your corner so that the points would be easily scored

so you would only score 2 if you could only “herd” the other teams robot into one corner which is easier with both of your teams available robots than one

or you could make a giant pileup in your corner and just pretty much place all your balls in it

I know you can only have 1 empty at a time, but no restrictions on Super cell count right?

no each Alliance i think can only get 4 Supers because there are only 2 near each fueling station right?

Correct. 1 at a time. But if that was the sole purpose of the robot, then it would seemingly easily get all 4 of your alliance’s empties and turned into supers. Do you think other teams who sent out scouts would pick a robot that could guarantee 60 points every match? That’s the equivalent of 30 Moon rocks!!

I hadn’t really given this much though before. very interesting!

First thing to note is that only 4 super cells will be available per alliance. you only get extra if you can pick up super cells that the opposing payload specialists missed, and it doesn;t seem wise to base your strategy on the opposing team missing a shot.

so that brings it down to 60 points per alliance, which would require the alliance to score 30 moon rocks to match, which means 10 per opposing trailer.
(same as your analysis, I’m just looking at it from a single alliance’s perspective).

As far as I can tell, there is no limit on how many super cells a robot can handle, but it is clear that they may be handled only in the last 20 seconds.

this means that scoring the super cells would to be done with either a human throw, or a quick and percise robot.

Super cells are definitely very important and must be a significant part of the strategy.


Our team is currently pursuing a legal technique for a noticeable increase in traction. Once we have that down I think the bot will be quicker and precise. I tried pitching the idea to the team today and didn’t get the greatest response. People had issues with the robot not shooting/throwing/launching moon rocks.

my team was thinking more of dumping them than a “Shot”

Twenty seconds goes by a lot faster than people sometimes think. Going to one fueling station to the other to pick up four supercells will take time; and you still have to find a victim for your 60 point strike. I think doing two per match is more realistic, unless you are desperate or you have an amazing bot.

Ok i thought there were 120 moon rocks so 20 per team…and in the last 20 seconds the robot can only handle 1 empty cell, seems to me one robot cant do all 4 of the alliances super cells, teamwork will be very important this year

good luck

The main problem I see with this strategy is that you’re so reliant on on your team to put their robots in a corner. IMO, it’s almost never to have to rely on your opponents to ever rush near the edge (or for anything really) for your team to gang up and trap them. don’t forget, you would have to trap 3 robots with your 2, or else the opposing team is going to get some free shots on yours, too.

It’s a good idea overall but the execution of it is going to be tricky. You can only be in possesion of one empty cell at a time so you’d have to spend a good amount of the match getting the empty cells to the place to get where you can exchange them for the super cells. Then in the last 20 seconds you’ll have to make every shot from the human player or get the super cells to the robot and have it make the shots.

It’s going to be important to use the super cells but I believe that you’ll need to be using the moon rocks as well.

You can only handle 1 empty cell at a time yes, but it is not limited to only the last 20 sec. The last 20 sec is when you can use the super cells. So yes 1 team can handle getting the 4 empty cells because they have the whole match, one team handling 4 super cells is what a robot won’t be able to do. the super cells is what is going to take teamwork/a really good aim and arm from the payload specialists.

In my opinion the whole supercell idea is a distraction. There are many steps to acquire a supercell, instead of the 8 moon rocks needed to score as many points. My team has been experimenting with trying to throw rocks and cells to robots and/or trailers from the driver station, and this is also pretty hard to accomplish. It appears to me that the supercells are going to end up being more like “placing” during overdrive last year, distracting teams from the main method of scoring.

If you score becomes too high after making many Super Cell points, you will end up with less Empty Cells to work with next match due to <G14>.

In my opinion Super Cells will end up being a non-factor. High scoring team will score so much with moon rocks every match that they won’t even bother with Super Cells. 20 seconds and the transporting of empty cells one at a time make it too too time consuming to receive with to small a time window to effectively use.

Who says you have to go back and forth? Why not hand all the super cells over to the same station?

So can you pick up and use super cells that have been thrown by the other team but missed? that would mean that you could also steal the other teams empty cells to get more super cells.

<G13> SUPER CELL Starting Positions – Prior to the MATCH, two (2) SUPER CELLS (as modified, if necessary, by Rule <G14>) will be located just outside the ARENA and adjacent to each FUELING STATION.

Each station only has two super cells (fewer if <G14> is in effect). This means that in order to pick up all four of your alliance’s super cells you must go to both refueling stations.

The only way to score more than four super cells is to intercept the other alliance’s in the last 20 seconds. It doesn’t matter if you manage to control all eight empty cells, you can still only trade four of them in for super cells.

As for my opinion, I agree that super cells will decide very few matches. I think that a good team will be able to score 8 moon rocks in the time it would take to transfer an empty cell. In order to reliably bring an empty cell from your outpost to a refueling station your robot will have to stop twice (once to gain control of it and once to deliver it). If your opponent can score four moon rocks in the trailer behind you each time you stop, then it’s not worth it. You’ve allowed them to score 16 points on you for the possibility of scoring 15 points if you can score the super cell.

I disagree a robot with a front mounted harvesting device that can simply run over the balls to pick them up will be easily able to pick up an empty cell (without stopping) that is dropped to the ground moments before the robot arrives at the outpost. The robot can than continue moving and possibly even turn (with the traction from the carpet) and get it to the fueling station. I don’t think moving an empty cell is any different than moving a moon rock to fueling station and we know many teams will be simply doing that.