Super cool and really needed!

Eric sent me a link to a new tool store that is absolutely out of this world! I did a search to see if anyone else has posted it, but didn’t find anything, and since I just can’t believe someone would not have posted this wonderful site, I apologize if it’s a repeat post!

The first things I’m going to buy from here are the reversible drill and the left-handed screwdriver!

New, amazing tool store!


Oh sure, now you can order holes off of the internet.

We sure could’ve used that when we were four pounds over on Thursday at Palmetto. :rolleyes:

I should get some Invisible Stain Remover for my InvisibleRobot.

I thnk I could use a little the elbow grease…

Hmm… :smiley:

a spirit level bubble would balance everything out.

Welding sandals… :yikes: !

Is that a good price for Time? I’ve been looking all over for some!

I could realy use some time.
a bottle filled with absolutely nothing sounds good too

I wonder if we’re allowed to use those eye protectors in the pits? If so, I’d love to buy myself a pair! :rolleyes:

This is similier to Kaleco Auto which sells fake auto parts…blinker fluid is my favorite

I’ve got to get a reversable drill, I drill the wrong spot far too often. With that, I can just switch it and fill it back in! :wink:
Who needs to measure twice, drill once now!

Hmm, an extending tape measure. I’ve always wanted one of those! (Although I suspect some of ours have been ‘extended’ in the past, due to their inaccuracy) Y’know I keep expecting someone to actually market a grease, or better yet, cutting oil, called Elbow Grease. I’d buy it. I’d go quite well the the drill on that ‘pocket’ multi-tool.