Super Hard TV/Movie Test

If any of you out there are TV/Movie Buffs. Have I got the test for you If you have AIM Go to my Profile and click on the link That says Super Hard TV/Movie test If you get a 100% somehow some way I’ll get you ten bucks at regionals, Nationals where ever It has questions about new shows old shows, and movies from all around When ever you get the chance take it, then IM me with your score if you want to and we can talk.


P.S. # 3 is cut off after the comma, after the comma it should say:

What movie was it?

P.P.S Have fun

P.P.P.S No using alternate screen names either( no one from CD did it, One of my friends tried it)

I got a fifty percent do i get something now?


jj2005k got a 50%

RedWingVkSm --> Score= 10 %

Shows you how much i pay attention…

Nirvallica85 got a 40%


this is how i procrastinate studying for my history final that’s less than 12 hours away and is 30% of my grade <cheer>

Doanie8 --> Score= 60 %

2nd highest score thus far, ohhhh yeah!

FotoPlasma got 30%…

I don’t feel bad. Just because I don’t watch CSI…

mollymae83 --> 100% yay!!! :smiley:

WOW I really though no one would get a 100 on those questions but I guess all of you are just smarter than me Congrats on all who got 100% and Congrats^2 for all who tried thank you thank you thank you