Super last minute Game Hint thoughts 2015

“Change is coming”? Maybe that was a lot less specific than people are making it. I mean, who knows, it could be that “change”, as in US currency, could be added to the game, making it more expensive to make/participate in. That would be pretty lame, though.

I still think they’re gonna say:
“just kidding guys, the change is that we’re not playing Aerial Assist again!”
cue cheesy sitcom laughter

I can totally see that happening. And my friends say that us robotics people don’t have a sense of humor… Psh.

As the person who does the chairmans video for our team, I did an analysis on the game hint using shot composition live on our teams youtube channel a few minutes ago

TL: DW; I think they are going to be getting rid of the balls, or, maybe more broadly, game pieces, because the focus of the shot is mostly the various game pieces.

Sounds plausible, but I think the GDC likes their spectator sports too much.