Super Shifters

We are using Super Shifter 2 Cim gearboxes from andymark. Do you guys have any thoughts about them? Advantages, etc.


The gearboxes are proven to be reliable. We used them for many years with no issues. With the extra stage vs. previous other models, you can direct drive your robot.
The only reason we no longer use it, is because we created a frankenstein version of it using lightened parts, added a provision for another motor, and the final stage is our modulated frame.

I’ve used a supershifter in 3 of my 7 years in FRC. Very reliable in my opinion. This year we are using the sonic shifter plates to give it a centralized output shaft.

In 2012 the supershifters cost us a regional. There was a problem with roll pins shearing that year (we found out later). At the end of the last qual match (which we won), the pin sheared. We did not know it until one side of the drive would not work during the first semifinal match (we lost). After the match, we looked it over and couldn’t find a problem. In the second match it still wouldn’t drive (we lost again). Turned out unless there was a load on the drive it did fine, but as soon as we loaded it up, it would start to slip.

They may have corrected the issue since then, but be aware.

That issue was fixed after 2012. The pin has been replaced by a solid body #4-40 screw. 469 ran into the same problem on the 2012 practice robot, but the pin never sheared on the competition robot until the offseason.

Thanks for all of the input :slight_smile: