Superbowl 2k5!!

Eagles or Patriots?

I think Eagles are gonna win. They are more ‘hungry’ for the win and TO will not be able to be stopped (even hurt.)

Who do you want to win?

Can i vote for neither?? i dont like the eagles, and dont want the pats to win it for the 3d time in 4 years… GO FALCONS!!!

Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison will come out for the Eagles at halftime…just watch :ahh:

Yeah… because Peyton has proved himself SOOOOOOO effective against the Pats. :wink:

Something about Florida always screws Tom Brady up…4 interceptions to the Dolphins really takes a lot of skill :smiley:

Note Super Bowl is in Jacksonville, Florida this year

I am from New England, yet I don’t really like the Red Sox, and the I hate the Patriots, so I am voting for the Eagles.

Last year my team was in, yet were defeated. Poor Panthers… :frowning:

Yeah, I’m still upset that Pittsburgh isn’t in. So, here’s me stuck with my mother screaming for Philly and wishing I wasn’t raised here, and Greg yelling about the Pats. Ohh well, “Tomorrow we are all undefeated again!” :]

I think that New England will win, but I would rather have the Eagles win, here are my reasons why:
A) I live closer to them
B) My robotics team’s name is the Robotic Eagles
C) I like Philadelphi more than I like New England
but because I do not care about football that much, it does not matter that much to me who wins…

Well the bad news is the Pats win…

the good news is that the Pats offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator are leaving which means that it’s probably the beginning of the end for them… (Im hoping)…we’ll see for sure next year

so…when does that baseball stuff start? :stuck_out_tongue:

My AIM Profile had my prediction prior to this evening: 24-22 to the Eagles…

Looks more like that score to the Pats… Argh.

one word folks says it all…


The Patriots are the Team 71 of the NFL! :smiley:

hey sorry about the double post…
but did anyone else find the pre-game/half-time show really really bad??? i think the gretchen wilson song was ok at best, but when Charlie Daniels (yes i am a fan of devil went down to georgia) came out to perform, i thought it was terrible…and then paul mcartney doing almost a half an hour of music made my ears hurt…

i give this superbowl a big thumbs down for the entertainment aspect, and even the commercials were mediocre at best.

sorry for the rant

I love the mistaken cat killer commercial.

My favorite part of the superbowl was seeing Burt Reynolds get kicked in the junk by a bear. The Ford and Pepsi commercials weren’t that great. I found it amusing that Bubblicious paid for a commercial during the superbowl. I figured the Pats were going to win, so that was no big surprise for me :).

Yeah the half time show was a sleeper.

Maybe i’m getting old, but i really enjoyed listening to one guy perform for a while… Unlike the halftime shows of the past, where there were 10+ different “big name” performers all doing their best to keep their lips in sync with the sound coming out of the speakers…


So you’d rather see a 60 year old try to stay in sync with the music?
If they had such a good singer/songwriter they should at least have him sing.

The whole show was more laid back, less in-your-face.

I enjoyed it, the music was good, the light show was good, and-- there was no “obvious” lip syncing going on…

I don’t really care if it is recorded, i just hate it when a singer has their microphone at their side and the singing keeps going on the speakers (i think it was Nelly a few years ago who this happened with)

And yes, he is a good singer/songwriter. :slight_smile:


WOOO HOOOO GO Eagles, I mean umm darn.

This superbowl was disappointing, the game, the halftime show or so I’ve heard because I didn’t watch it, and the commercials, there were a few good ones but not that many. I think alot of companies wasted millions of $$ on something that wasn’t even stupid funny. But now we wait for the REAL superbowl to begin in the only sport whom has its main event first, thats right NASCAR and the DAYTONA 500.