Superbowl + + FRC hat

Who is going to watch the superbowl half time show just to see if Will.I.Am is going to wear the FRC 2011 hat that was given to him by Dean Kamen?

I’m watching the whole SuperBowl LOL
Did you realize he was very uncomfortable being there…

He looked as awkward as the rest of us :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, we will be in a robotics meeting, so I doubt we will…

I would like him to wear it but I highly doubt he is going to

Dean said it wasn’t gonna be the last time we saw Will.I.Am, so I feel he’ll be in St. Louis. Possibly performing at FIRST Finale. How awesome would that be?

Roflkoptor, but totally true!

I was surprised, I never expected him!

Maybe the winning team gets to go to the superbowl!

Edit: the Championshp happens after the Superbowl… :{

The build season won’t be over when the Superbowl is played.

I have a feeling that Will, along with the Black Eyed Peas will preform at the St. Louis social.

So, who wants to make him a robot?

I will be :stuck_out_tongue:
It’ll be quite interesting to see, heh

I would be if it was my first FIRST event, but he did fine!

I agree, this should be interesting.

Imma gonna watch it…I think it will be funny lol…and i think he might have felt Intimidated…lol

I wonder if he would do a shout out to FIRST at the half-time show, maybe even talk about the 2011 game and how we have a mini-robot on our robot.

This question is for… What do you think about this year’s game?

It’s dope.


It would be cool if he did wear the hat but unlikely, he might forget like the rest of us would too! Maybe he would perform at the FIRST Championship now that would be amazing! I love the BEP and it would be cool if he wrote a song about FIRST and how nerdy we all compared to rest of the world! Ha!

(no offense to anyone)


FIRST never forgets, if he uses social media, send him messages about FIRST. Though, you know what they say if you dabble in FIRST you get sucked in.

I never watch the halftime show (I watch football for football. Not for concerts. I could do without all the bells and whistles and just get back to the game) and looking for an artist wearing a baseball cap isn’t going to make me watch the halftime show.