Supercharged nodes before full grid - Game Update 21

Doubt about Game Update 21.

Do anyone knows if you can actually start double scoring in nodes before your alliance does full grid?

Like, if you doesn’t complete it at the end, those supercharged nodes wouldn’t count - but if you do, would they actually considered the fact that you scored them before or would they count it anyway?

This was clarified here: FIRST FRC Q&A System

TL;DR: Yes


Well, the answer is yes…sort of. Until the grid is completed, any doubled game pieces will not be scored. They only count once the grid is completed. That means that, unless your alliance is sure to complete the grid, placing doubled pieces before that is a risk. You might be wasting effort that could have gone to completing the grid. It’s the bold alliance that does it ahead of grid completion (i.e., the one that has 254, 1678, 2910 or some other exceptionally high powered team in it.)


I wanted to bring this topic back up in regards to - how will the Supercharged nodes be recorded on the scorekeeper tablets?

I’m imagining a scenario in which an alliance scores 5-6 supercharged pieces prior to scoring their last piece to fill the grid, and then all of a sudden the scorekeeper needs to quickly record the 5-6 supercharged nodes because they were unable to do so until the grid was full.

It’s not difficult to imagine a scoring error as a result of this going up as the official score, especially since the scorekeepers will have less experience recording supercharged nodes than other kinds of scoring.

An extra “Supercharged” counter makes the most sense to me. Scan the grid after the match and tally the number of supercharged nodes. Add 3N to the grid total.


Hopefully, the scorekeepers can score supercharged nodes ahead of time and they only add to the score when the grid is full. Additionally, the live scores might be slightly off but the final scores will be double-checked by the scorekeepers, theoretically.


I don’t think the scorekeepers will be doing anything about it. The Official Scorers, on the other hand, will be busy.

This post brought to you by the Volunteer Identification Society.


I’m pretty sure they’re called judges, just like the people that call penalties and the people that inspect your robot. Not sure what the people that walk around the pits in blue shirts are called.


Those are robot inspectors.

I’d just like to call attention to the fact that we’re mostly poking fun at how we can get the KV titles mixed up and that it is more common for people who don’t know to do this and it’s part of the larger information war that is FRC.

Real time scoring is going to be deceiving. If our alliance was able to score 5-6 extra game pieces, I would wait until the end to finish the last piece to fill the grid.
The opposing alliance whose trying to gauge the score to their real time scoring and strategy will be in for a rude awakening.:call_me_hand:


I’d imagine the scoring system will work like this: scorers mark all of the game pieces scored (including game pieces scored twice) on nodes in live time, just like they already do. The scoring system will automatically ignore supercharged game pieces until the grid is full; once it is, then those points will get added automatically (the logic for this is trivial; if the grid is full, points += number of nodes with two game pieces * 3).

This is the same way links and RPs are already handled; volunteers simply enter where the game pieces are, and the scoring system automatically calculates all the link and RP bonuses based off of that. Hence, there’s no need for explicit inputs for stuff like links, RPs, or coopertition/link thresholds.


The trick with this is that the whole screen is already filled with buttons for the first game pieces, which means there will have to be some sort of input for the second game piece.

I think the most likely implimentation for this will be a “second piece” button at the top of the screen during teleop. Pressing it will dramatically change the background color, and tapping a square scores a second game piece there, as indicated by a small game piece icon in the corner. Nodes without a second game piece cannot be tapped, and tapping the button at the top again returns you to “first piece” mode.

Alternatively, there could be more cycles in the already-exiting tapping rotation, as follows

Node | Options
Cube (old) | Empty Cube
Cone (old) | Empty Cone
Hybrid (old) | Empty Cone Cube
Cube (new) | Empty Cube 2x-Cube
Cone (new) | Empty Cone 2x-Cone
Hybrid (new) | Empty Cone Cube 2x-Cone Cone+Cube 2x-Cube

But that’s a lot of taps, especially for the hybrid nodes

Thoughts on which would be better for our official scorers?

personally, I would just have 4 rows, high mid low cubes and low cones, then each space has a + and a - to add/remove a game piece in that spot

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Reminds me of 2017 gear strategy

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