Wondering if anyone has some good ways to accomplish this, similar to last years “Creative Whatver” award where they superimposed robots over the people (im just guessing they shot live action and superimposed, just what it looks like to me)

Green Screening in Adobe Premiere!

Just record the people in their scene infront of a green screen, or anywhere, then use the chroma transparency function in Premiere, and overlay either footage of the bots or the video of the people into a scene.

Easy, simple… cut and dry.

You can do black, white, green, and blue in Magix @udio & video office.

You can get it for $15 at the Richmond Computer Show last I checked.

Alpha Channels OWN!!!

Alpha channels are great! If you render to targas (As I’ve been preaching all through the animation forum), you can have the alpha channel embedded in the images. In premiere, you can tell it to take that alpha channel and throw it away, revealing whatever should have been behind your objects. Premiere + Targa= GOODANIMATON (technical)

of course you definitely have to render in sequences of Tiffs or Targas, its the only way to go. Just throw it in premiere and you’re good to go. Not only is this good for Alpha channels and stuff, if your render crashes you only have to start rendering again from where you left off instead of at the beginning.

We created the animation by taking several different still photographs, and then embedded animation/CG within the shot. You need to have the xyz coordinates as well as the lens information from the actual picture in order to place CG cameras and models into the scene.

There was no chromakey used in this animation.
Also, all movement of the robots was accomplished through Character Studio.

Hope this helps