SuperNerd (Me) getting hit in the face

I knew everyone would want to see this, so here it is:

That’s me. I was wearing safety glasses, and it sounded a lot worse than it was. It left me laughing.

Hope your enjoy it, and have a great rest of build!

I’m confused as to why you put your guard down just as the ball was near the shooter. :confused:

In this case, the safety glasses might have made the impact worse! Instead of a spongy ball hitting you in the face, you had a spongy ball hit polycarbonate and plastic, which then proceeded to hit you in the face.

Either way, I got a good laugh and a look from the ~20 people around me in my university’s computer lab.:o

I thought they weren’t going to shoot. I was messing around saying (sarcastic voice) “Don’t shoot me bro!”, and then a few seconds later, they shot me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. My team just loves it. :rolleyes:

In the words of Nice Peter, sounded like a coconut hitting a bigger coconut.

man hat happened to me except i was asking for it,::ouch::
nose hurt for a few days but that was it:D