Supply Block

Is it legal to hoard the opponent’s “rogue tubes” in areas where they would incur a penalty?

As long as you are only collecting pieces that your opponent has dropped on the game field AND you are not herding/carrying more than one piece at a time there (currently) are no rules prohibiting it…

“<G32> allows ROBOTS to complete HANGING a GAME PIECE, as designed, without being hindered
<G33> Neither ROBOTS, HOSTBOTS, nor MINIBOTS may break the planes of the vertically projected borders of the opponent‟s LANES. Violation: PENALTY
<G33>allows ROBOTS to retrieve LOGO PIECES from the FEEDER without being hindered.
<G34> ROBOTS or HOSTBOTS may only POSSESS or HERD one GAME PIECE at a time. Violation: PENALTY”

However…is it in the spirit of the game?..are there coopertition points at stake?..hmmmm food for thought from a team who takes Gracious Professionalism seriously…

Wait, if you’re in the middle of the field and you have a logo piece in your possession… If you see one on the ground, you can’t herd it without a penalty?

I don’t know what you mean by “hoard the opponent’s ‘rogue tubes’” or how you plan on causing the opposing alliance to get a penalty, but <G61> states that:

The actions of an ALLIANCE shall not cause an opposing ALLIANCE to violate a rule and thus incur PENALTIES. Any rule violations committed by the affected ALLIANCE shall be excused, and no PENALTIES will be assigned.

So, your alliance’s actions cannot cause your opponents to receive any penalties.

EDIT: Do you mean that you would use the tubes to block robots that are already in possession of a tube since robots may not possess and/or herd more than 1 tube at a time?

If so, note that if the opposing robot just rams through your blockade of tubes, and continues on its way to hang the tube it has without dragging any other tubes with it, then it is not herding those tubes, and won’t be penalized.

Blue Box immediately following <G34>: “Inadvertent contact will be not be considered HERDING and will not be penalized.”
(Yes, I do know the blue boxes aren’t technically part of the rules, but I would still pay attention to them.)

What do you mean by “oppononent’s tube”? Any tube on the ground on the field is fair game to all teams from both alliances.

I don’t think there are any rules that prevent you from “stockpiling” game pieces out of reach of the opposing Alliance, as long as you don’t violate any of the other rules related to handling of game pieces (or any other rule).

That’s what <G34> says.

I believe the OP is asking if he can take the tubes that the opposing alliance throws in, and place them in the lane, which is illegal for their robots to go in.

The answer is yes, that is a totally legal strategy.

That is a legal strategy, I agree. I guess what I am wondering is why would you take the game pieces out of play instead of using them to score?