Supply Cables Length Limit?

Quick question…
Is there a limit on the length of the power supply lines? I am specifically inquiring about the cables running from the SB50 connector to the Main Breaker and then to the PDH(P).

However, now that I type this, I also wonder about battery cables.

I thought there was a rule, but now I cannot find it. I am wondering if that is just general best practices handed down through word of mouth (obviously the shorter the cable, the less resistance you have).

The only rule is the wires from the battery terminals to the SB connector must be less than 12" (R103). The reason for this restriction is that the battery side is not included in the robot weight, and they don’t want a giant coil of wire being used as extra ballast. There’s no rule restricting length on the robot side of the SB connector. From a best practices perspective, shorter is better of course.


Mr. R,
All of your robot current flows through those two wires. #6 wire will drop 0.05 volts per foot at 100 amps. When you draw a lot of current (like starting to drive or climbing) When you draw a lot of current you pull the power supply down to near brownout for the Robot Rio. So total up your #6 wire (both sides please) and run the calculation. Six feet inside plus 1 foot outside will give you 14 feet total for .7 volts at 100 amps or 3.5 volts at 500 amps.


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