Support for NY

I’ve been thinking about this tradegy for the past week now and thought of a decent idea. I was watching and seeing a lot of the non-profit organizations making donations to the relief effort and I thought to myself “Why not FIRST?”. I figured if every team could contribute some money and we could all send checks up the headquarters in NH, then they could send one large check to the relief effort in the name of FIRST and maybe we could also get a little recogniztion on the side (the business side of me thinking). Any other thoughts on this. Please post or email me at Thanks

Sounds like a great idea! I only see one catch, my team is curently having a hard time recieving funds, every business is sending what they can to the relief fund. For the other small teams this is probly very familiar territory. I also see FIRST being able to write the donation off on taxes and the teams not being able to. Does this make sence to anyone else?