Support Mike Wade and the NASA Field

To All FIRST Teams:

Please show your support for Mike Wade, the incredible NASA employee that drives his home-made FIRST arena up and down the East Coast.

If you participated in Ramp Riot, Duel on the Delaware, Final Bin Bash, MD State Fair, or a host of other Maryland-based activities, then Mike provided your Field and Technical Assistance at no cost.

Every year Mike must justify, to NASA, the cost of helping FIRST teams. Please send Mike your letters of appreciation, so that he can continue this work for the benefit of all.

His address is below.

Mike Wade, NASA Goddard SFC:

[email protected]


Al Ostrow
Team 341

Well, I’ve only attended a few of the events listed above, so a BIG thanks to Mike.
I don’t mean to be greedy or anything, but we’re currently seeking out a field for our scrimmage/off season events :smiley:
We may end up building our own, but if not, we were going to ask some local first reps for their help. If that falls through, I wonder if Mike would be willing to help?
Anyway thank you again. Words can’t say enough :slight_smile:

Hey people are you sending those letters?

i will send one, if not before the end of this month, then before winter break (dec. 21st)

Thanks!! If you could also help spread the word that would be great too!

A big kudos to Mike Wade. He’s always there to help spread the message and aside from that, he’s a really interesting person. You can bet there’s a letter with my signature coming soon…