Support the Cybersonics at Barnes and Noble

Please come support the Cybersonics Team 103 on Barnes and Noble Night Monday, November 16th, 2009. To participate you do not have to live in our area, you can go to any Barnes and Noble across the country on Monday, November 16th, 2009 and buy anything in the store. The store will donate a portion of the proceeds to Team 103 only if a voucher code is used! That code is #10073146. Thank you and please support us! :slight_smile:

The following applies.

When you purchase any of the following items our team
will gain a percentage of the sale. We qualify if you buy:
• Books
• Music
• DVD’s
• Calendars
• Food & Coffee from the Café
Please be sure to use our reference
number we get credit. # 10073146


I’ve passed this on to my family and friends. Good luck with the fundraiser!

can we order online as well?

Unfortunately there’s no Barnes and Noble near here, but I definitely have told my family and friends to go! Go Cybersonics!!

You can buy online too I believe, so Libby you don’t get off the hook that easy. lol Thanks y’all for all of your support! Love you guys! :slight_smile:


Awesome fundraiser! I’m in :slight_smile:

If this was only at the beginning of the semester. You could raise alot more. Oh well, I might look into buying one for next semester early.

Thanks for everyone’s support. Just a reminder, the only day the voucher is valid and will count for the fundraiser is on Monday, November 16th, 2009 and you can go to any Barnes and Noble and present the voucher code when you check out. I also called Barnes and Noble and they said you can redeem the voucher code online at barnes and nobles bookfair site. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Well we figured people would be starting to shop for the holidays, but you are right on that one. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great fundraiser! Can any team do this or does there need to be connections?

I am glad I actually checked Chiefdelphi for a change, I was going to go get a book for school tomorrow but now i will wait till Monday night to go, awesome fundraiser Cassie, really good idea :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike! Don’t forget your voucher code. :slight_smile:


No connections needed. Anyone can do this. Here’s some information for you.


Thanks for posting this info Cassie! An awesome fundraiser from the “Fundraising Princess”, right? I want to get your title right :slight_smile:

haha i’m not exactly the fundraising princess. i shouldn’t take credit for doing this fundraiser, that’s my mom. she’s got every fundraising trick their is. she’s awesome. i got everything i know from her. :slight_smile:


The Dead line has been extended through the weekend!! Tell everyone you know to go buy their Holiday gifts and next semester books as well!
But USE THE CODE! 10073146
Cybersonics 103 :slight_smile:

alright, well you something from me, went to Barnes and Noble after class tonight and bought a book for a class report. now if you don’t I have a book to read and a paper to write. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the deadline has been extended to Sudnay, November 22, 2009. Thanks for all of your support. :slight_smile:


Excellent, more chances to buy Science Fiction & Home Shop Machinist.:slight_smile: